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CORROSION Manuals, Templates and Resources
Oil/Gas Coating Technology Symposium

This symposium is seeking technical papers on the following themes; (1) High Temperature (>80 C) FBE Pipeline Coatings, (2) Impact of Salt Removal Chemicals on Coating Performance, (3) Offshore Deck Coatings, (4) Cathodic Disbondment Mechanism, (5) Long Life (25 years) Offshore Coatings, (6) Coatings for Offshore Pipe Support,  (7) Steel Surface Roughness characterization and impact on coating performance.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 02 & 03
Chair: Benjamin T. A. Chang
Vice Chair: Andy Bodington

AC Interference, AC Induced Corrosion, AC Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Mitigation

This symposium is seeking technical papers on alternating current (AC) interference on buried pipelines. Specific topics may include analysis of AC interference, AC corrosion excavations and failure analysis, AC risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 05
Chair: Shane Finneran
Vice Chair: Kyle Platt

Anodic and Cathodic Protection

This symposium is seeking technical papers regarding anodic and cathodic protection papers on ferrous materials in pipeline, oil, gas, and water systems.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 05
Chair: Dan Wagner
Vice Chair: Stephen Ball

Corrosion Management - Implementation & Progress

This symposium is seeking technical papers on recent Corrosion Management implementations, lessons learnt for these, and the development of new Corrosion Management philosophies.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 08
Chair: Hendrik J. Debruyn
Vice Chair: Robin D. Tems

The Digital Asset Transformation - Driving Value for Corrosion & Asset Integrity Management

This symposium is seeking technical papers on the benefits of recent developments and industry trends in digital technologies for corrosion and integrity management. Many industry sectors are seeking to increase efficiency and reduced costs through the application of digitalization and technologies such as 3D visualization and the Internet of Things (IoT). The transforming potential in ‘big data’ capture, information management and analytics, and the possibilities for implementing AI (artificial intelligence), all of which can reduce risk and facilitate better decision making, are fully applicable to the management of corrosion and asset integrity regardless of industry type. The symposium will endeavor to obtain papers from different industries covering a broad range of topics on these new developments from both technology providers and end users/asset operators.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 08
Chair: CecilieA. Haarseth
Vice Chair: Christopher Houghton

Recent Developments in Mineral Scales and Deposits Control Technologies

This symposium is seeking technical papers that discusses recent technology developments in controlling mineral deposits and scales in industrial, commerical, and institutional applications which if not controlled can lead to corrosion issues and fouling.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 11
Chair: Zahid Amjad
Vice Chair: Miriam Barber

Offshore Cathodic Protection - Case Studies of New or Novel Designs or Subsea Inspection Techniques

This symposium is seeking technical papers related to the offshore/ marine cathodic protection specifically case studies, new or novel designs, or offshore surveys techniques/ case studies.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 30
Chair: Alex Delwiche
Vice Chair: Kehinde Ogun

Advances in Materials for Oil and Gas Production

This symposium is seeking technical papers that present advances in materials technology and research for oil and gas. Focus is on new and improved metallic materials and applications. This includes consideration and evaluation of the material's performance in its envisaged exposure environment. Submission of Papers on field experiences, failure analysis and mitigation through metallurgical innovative solutions are also encouraged.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 32
Chair: Hernan Rincon
Vice Chair: Filippo Cappuccini

Subsea Materials vs. Hydrogen Embrittlement and Stress Corrosion Cracking

This symposium is seeking technical papers on research, development and processing of high strength ferrous and non-ferrous materials and subsea CP and use conditions/adaptations that can be used to optimize resistance to hydrogen embrittlement and stress corrosion cracking related cracking when exposed to seawater environments with or without cathodic protection.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 32
Chair: Russell Kane
Vice Chair: Herman Amaya

Corrosion in the Refining Industry

This symposium is seeking technical papers on topics related to materials and corrosion issues within the refining industry. Topics explore failure analysis, case histories, and materials performance.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 34
Chair: Ivan Morales
Vice Chair: Huang Lin

Direct Assessment

This symposium is seeking technical papers covering new technologies and methods, as well as case studies and histories in the area of external corrosion, internal corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking by way of direct assessments.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 35
Chair: Jorge Vasquez
Vice Chair: Austina Matthias

Corrosion Issues in the Pulp, Paper and Biomass Industries

This symposium is seeking technical papers related to the pulp, papermaking, and biomass conversion processes.  This can include case studies, research into new materials or methods, industry corrosion problems and their solutions, new materials, or other topics related to pulp & paper.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 38
Chair: Matthew Tunnicliffe
Vice Chair: Catherine Noble

Recent Experiences with Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium and other Corrosion Resistant Alloys

This symposium is seeking technical papers related to the practical use and experience with corrosion resistant alloys including nickel base, titanium, zirconium and other corrosion resistant alloys.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 39
Chair: Ralph Baessler
Vice Chair: Ajit Mishra

Corrosion Issues in Military Equipment and Facilities

This symposium is seeking technical papers and research on identification, causes, and control of corrosion and materials degradation for military air, ground, and ship systems, as well as electronic systems, support equipment, and infrastructure.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 40
Chair: Wes Barfield
Vice Chair: Robert Mason

Power Industry Corrosion

This symposium is seeking technical papers on corrosion causes, issues, studies, experiences, and/or management practices, including coatings on steel structures and their related components in the power industry. Exposures include below grade, transition zone, and atmospheric corrosion of weathering, galvanized, and other coated steel structures.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 41
Chair: Jon H. Brasher
Vice Chair: Graig Cilluffo

Marine Corrosion - Ships and Structures

This symposium is seeking technical papers on the latest development and applications of metals, alloys, marine coatings and CP systems for infrastructures and assets in or near marine environments.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 44
Chair: Abdulhameed Al-Hashem
Vice Chair: Moavin Islam

Real Time Corrosion Monitoring for Process Applications: Technology, Experiences, Case Studies

This symposium is seeking technical papers on real time corrosion monitoring with an emphasis on advances in technology, user experience or case studies.  All of the various techniques of real time monitoring are welcomed.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 62
Chair: Clay Brittain
Vice Chair: Dr. Hui Li

Cathodic Protection of Reinforced Concrete and Steel Frame Structures: A Retrospective on Technology

This symposium is seeking technical papers on advances in cathodic protection and its application to reinforced concrete (RC) and steel frame construction.   Papers on repaired structures or system technology where projects have had a 20-year+ service life, which address the history of technology and lessons learned from early systems and how technology has changed or improved current systems, and new advancements in research presented in the context of historic performance are preferred.  Other relevant papers on cathodic protection and electrochemical remediation of RC will be considered as well.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 043X
Chair: Gina Crevello
Vice Chair: Javier Balma

Corrosion in Sweet and Slightly Sour Production Conditions

This symposium is seeking technical papers on laboratory and/or field experience of CO2/H2S corrosion and mitigation in a hydrocarbon containing environment.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 059X
Chair: Ziru Zhang
Vice Chair: Sudhakar Mahajanam

Solid Particle Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion

This symposium is seeking technical papers on such subjects as: experimental erosion/abrasion wear studies, advanced computational fluid dynamics erosion and erosion-corrosion modeling, mechanistic/empirical model development, technologies for erosion measurements/monitoring, erosion mitigation/management techniques, sand management, and etc.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 077X
Chair: Mazdak Parsi
Vice Chair: Hadi Arabnejad

Under Deposit Corrosion

This symposium is seeking technical papers related to the prediction, assessment, and management of under-deposit corrosion.  While the focus is on facilities in hydrocarbon production, transportation and processing - submissions regarding under-deposit corrosion of infrastructure, and science only papers may be included.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 092X
Chair: Sandra Hernandez
Vice Chair: Trevor Place

Inhibitors - Vapor Transported (VCI) and Surface Coated Rust Preventive (RP)

This symposium is seeking technical papers on novel applications, technical advances, test methods, and materials that perform as vapor-transported corrosion inhibitors (VCI) and/or inhibitor coatings applied to metal surfaces to inhibit corrosion.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 093X/145X
Chair: Cliff Cracauer
Vice Chair: Charles Phillips

Corrosion in Gas Treating

This symposium is seeking technical papers regarding corrosion in gas treating environments. Papers may be reports of laboratory investigations or case studies in which an actual corrosion problem was solved.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 113X
Chair: Cory DuBe
Vice Chair: Scott Waite

Recent Experiences with Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels

This symposium is seeking technical papers on recent experiences with stainless steels. The focus is on end user experiences from the process industries such as chemical processing, pulp and paper, oil and gas, desalination, pharmaceutical, and power generation. Topics include successes, failures, material selection, fabrication, and new developments.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 114X and TEG 116X
Chair: Lena Wegrelius
Vice Chair: Nicole Kinsman

Envrionmentally Assisted Cracking

This symposium is seeking technical papers related to understanding of fundamental EAC mechanisms including but not limited to hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, liquid metal embrittlement, and so on. The papers can cover root cause failure analysis in service, lab testing methods, materials modeling, industry standards development, state of art EAC research reviews, and so on.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 186X
Chair: Kasra Sotoudeh
Vice Chair: Arshad Bajvani

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

This symposium is seeking technical papers about microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) including the mechanisms by which MIC occurs, the impact of MIC on various industries and environments, monitoring and management techniques, and treatment to mitigate the impact of MIC.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 187X
Chair: Nora Eibergen
Vice Chair: Tony Poulassichidis

Innovations in Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning

This symposium is seeking technical papers that provide fundamental insight into new and up-and-coming innovations in the field of chemical and mechanical cleaning. Innovations in this field include new chemistries, methods, applications or techniques, emerging equipment and innovative partnerships. Case studies involving the use of the innovative technologies or chemistries at the field level, or laboratory scale initial testing methods are welcome. New ides which have yet to emerge on the scene are also welcome.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 188X
Chair: Roxanne Shank
Vice Chair: Christopher Wiggins

Combined-Effects Material Degradation under Atmospheric Conditions

This symposium is seeking technical papers on engineering materials are designed to resist degradation from multiple stressors (e.g., corrosion, high-temperature, fatigue, etc.). The types and severities of stressors depend on the intended application and service life. For this reason, screening, qualification, and implementation of new materials can be a lengthy process. Despite exhaustive laboratory testing, some materials experience unexpected failures in service due to a combination of deleterious effects which were either not anticipated or not captured in initial material evaluations. Recently, many industries have begun developing combined-effects test protocols that better replicate the combinatorial nature of stressors experienced in service. To document and share recent efforts in this area, this symposium will focus on technical approaches for evaluating combined-effects stressors under atmospheric conditions. Papers are sought that address any combination of atmospheric corrosion with thermal, UV, chemical, and mechanical stressors. Papers are invited for any material type (metals, coatings, composites, etc.) and from all industrial sectors. Topics of interest include - but are not limited to - laboratory testing, outdoor exposures, in-service evaluations, case studies, and modeling and simulation. In particular, papers that address new combined-effects mechanisms and ways to reproduce those in a laboratory setting are highly encouraged.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 189x
Chair: Kristen Williams
Vice Chair: Sarah Galyon-Dorman

Corrosion Solutions for Chemical and Mineral Processing with Polymer Based Materials

This symposium is seeking technical papers on case studies, technical findings, and research associated with corrosion solutions for chemical and mineral processing with polymer based materials.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 191X
Chair: Michael  Stevens
Vice Chair: Marilee Coleman

Corrosion in Nuclear Systems

This symposium is seeking technical papers on materials related issues encountered in the generation of nuclear power energy in light, heavy and advanced nuclear power reactors and plants. This can include degradation mechanisms of structural materials and materials reliability issues encountered in nuclear power applications, including degradation management.  Paper are also welcome on advanced manufacturing methods being developed for nuclear plant component manufacture and deployment.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 224X
Chair: Ziqing Zhai
Vice Chair: Vineeth Kumar Gattu

Thermal and Cold Spray Coatings

This symposium is seeking technical papers that cover all aspects of thermal and cold spray coatings for mitigation of corrosion and wear with a specific focus on (but not limited to) surface preparation, coating consumable selection, spray method selection, spray parameter development, in-line quality and inspection, testing and qualification, operational experience, cost reduction, maintenance and repair. The subjects to be covered include results of basic and applied research on thermal spray processes and coating materials including field experience on thermal spray coatings, materials, processes and strategies for corrosion control, etc. Contributions on conventional and novel thermal and cold spray coating systems used to prevent corrosion and wear in offshore, onshore, oil and gas, subsea, marine, construction, chemical industry, refinery, construction, automotive, power, aerospace, etc. will also be considered.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 255X
Chair: Shiladitya Paul
Vice Chair: James Weber

Pipeline Integrity

This symposium is seeking technical papers on all aspects of pipeline integrity that can include pipeline integrity management, inspection, assessment, mitigation, rehabilitation, operational aspects, regulatory issues, present and upcoming technologies, methods, experiences, case studies etc.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 267X
Chair: Matthew Ellinger
Vice Chair: Andrew Lutz

Sour Corrosion

This symposium is seeking technical papers on advances in sour corrosion in oil and gas production. The focus is on sour corrosion mechanisms, mitigation strategies, case histories, and best practices in corrosion management.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 282X
Chair: Mohsen Achour
Vice Chair: Frederick Oritseweneye Pessu

Control of Problematic Microorganisms in Oil and Gas Field Operations

This symposium is seeking technical papers discussing treatments and monitoring techniques pertaining to the control of microbiological problems and biogenic H2S in oil, water, and gas systems for upstream and downstream operations. Papers may include laboratory and/or field results.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 286X
Chair: Torben Lund Skovhus
Vice Chair: Jason S. Lee

Materials and Integrity in Oil Sands

This symposium is seeking technical papers on oil sands from owner-operators, vendors, consultants, and researchers. Areas of interest include (but are not limited to) corrosion, failures, wear, process, material selection, asset integrity, and can be related to steam-assisted gravity drainage, downhole, or surface equipment/facilities.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 341X
Chair: Tesfa Haile
Vice Chair: Duane Serate

Localized Corrosion - Mechanisms, Research Methods, Modelling and Control

This symposium is seeking technical papers in the area of localized corrosion that discuss mechanisms, traditional and novel research methodologies, modelling and monitoring approaches, real cases and failure analysis as well as strategies to control it.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 407X
Chair: Helmuth Sarmiento Klapper
Vice Chair: Mariano Alberto Kappes

Nanomaterials and Coatings Technologies

This symposium is seeking technical papers on the nanomaterials and nanscale characterization methods for understanding corrosion mechanisms and mitigating corrosion.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 474X
Chair: Igor Kosacki
Vice Chair: Joao Tedin

Top of Line Corrosion

This symposium is seeking technical papers on mechanism, modelling, field experience, monitoring, mitigation (design and inhibition).

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 515X
Chair: Dr. Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng
Vice Chair: Dr. Zineb Belarbi

Corrosion of Additively Manufactuered Materials

This symposium is seeking technical papers that address the corrosion related issues of additively manufactured (AM) materials, mainly metals. In contrast to conventional processes, additive manufacturing processes and post-processing treatments result in unique microstructures and material surfaces which alter the corrosion performance. Subjects include but are not limited to: process-structure-performance relationships, post-processing treatments and surface finish, corrosion mechanism of AM materials, AM material degradation in corrosive environments, AM materials selection and applications, AM qualification and certification, integrity or risk analysis and assessment, etc.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 569X
Chair: Robert Badrak
Vice Chair: Liu Cao

Corrosion in Supercritical Systems

This symposium is seeking technical papers that address the measurement or assessment of degradation in any supercritical system, including especially supercritical water and supercritical carbon dioxide. Papers can be of a research or industrial nature.

Chair: Xiang Yong
Vice Chair: Shiladitya Paul

Flow Assurance in Oil and Gas from Inland to Subsea

This symposium contains technical papers on maintenance of flow assurance in deep water and inland oil and gas systems by controlling corrosion, scale, and related mechanisms.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 202X
Chair: Wei Shi
Vice Chair: Ayman Gazawi

Progress in Laboratory Testing of Corrosion Inhibitors for Oil Field Applications

Novel techniques and methodologies for evaluation of corrosion inhibitors in the lab. Advances in quantitative evaluation of pitting corrosion. Factors affecting quality of laboratory data. Gaps and challenges in lab-field transference

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 253X
Chair: Alla Crabtree
Vice Chair: Bruce Brown

Control of Corrosion in Oil and Gas with Inhibitors

This symposium will include technical papers on the study of the application of corrosion inhibitors and/or scale/deposit inhibitors and their mechanisms of inhibition.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 61
Chair: Fernando Farelas
Vice Chair: Jeremy Maloney

Non-metallic materials for use in oil and gas production

This symposium is seeking technical papers on Non-metallic materials for use in oil and gas production.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 33
Chair: Robert Lauer
Vice Chair: Jeff Hamilton