Broaden your industry knowledge with technical symposia at CORROSION 2019

With more than 35 topics, you will find a presentation that applies to your industry. Browse the list of featured topics below. Interested in presenting? Plan to submit your own abstract for CORROSION 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. Technical symposia are listed in numerical order by STG/TEG/TG. Questions? Please contact

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Key Deadlines for 2019:

March 14, 2018 – Call for abstracts opens
May 7, 2018 - Call for abstracts closes (original deadline)
May 21, 2018 – Call for abstracts closes (extended deadline)
June 25, 2018 – Author notifications sent
September 17, 2018 – Draft paper due
December 10, 2018 – Final paper due
January 7, 2019 – Deadline to make changes to final program
February 18, 2019 – Presentation slides due

CORROSION Manuals, Templates and Resources
Corrosion Assessment and Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Structures

This symposium will include technical papers on the corrosion performance and service life of reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Papers on corrosion assessment of repaired or retrofitted systems are preferred and can include: RC repair case studies, service life assessment/modeling, development of repair techniques and materials, mechanisms of repair or corrosion control system degradation or damage, and maintenance plans. Other relevant papers on corrosion of reinforced concrete structures will be considered as well.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 01
Chair: Kingsley Lau
Vice Chair: Gina Crevello

Water Treatment Systems

This symposium will include technical papers on corrosion issues seen in water Treatment Systems for industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 11
Chair: Matthew Schnepf
Vice Chair: Michael Todd

Scale/Deposit Mitigation in IWS: Current Technologies, New Technologies or Future Evolutions

This symposium will include technical papers associated with the following areas of interest: Mitigation of mineral scale, deposit, and corrosion in industrial water systems including boiler, cooling, desalination, geothermal, oil & gas production, wastewater treatment. Topics to cover include current technologies, new technologies or future evolutions.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 11
Chair: Zahid Amjad
Vice Chair: Daniel Meier

Advances in Materials for Oil and Gas Production

This symposium will include technical papers on advances in materials technology and research for oil and gas production environments. Focus is on new and improved metallic materials and applications including of consideration and measurement of the material's performance in the envisaged exposure environment. Papers on field experiences, failure analysis and mitigation through metallurgical aspects are also sought.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 32
Chair: Hisashi Amaya
Vice Chair: Hernan Rincon

Nonmetallic Materials for Oil and Gas Production Environments

This symposium will include technical papers on the performance of non-metallic materials used in relation to the production of oil and gas in on-shore and off-shore environments. These materials can include elastomers, composites, organic coatings, linings(for tubular structures for example) and polymeric materials for structural products.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 33
Chair: Peter L. Huesmann
Vice Chair: Carlos Fernandez

Refining Industry Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on corrosion and material issues within the refining industry, topics will explore case histories, materials performance, corrosion mechanics and failure analysis.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 34
Chair: Jon Allen
Vice Chair: TBD

Direct Assessment

This symposium will include technical papers covering new technologies, methods, as well as case studies & histories in the area of external corrosion, internal corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking by way of direct assessments.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 35
Chair: Rodrigo J Himiob
Vice Chair: Jorge Vasquez

High Temperature Materials and Corrosion for the Process Industry

This symposium will include technical papers related to exposure of material at temperatures > 500 °C and used in the process industry. This Symposium also solitics papers related to new materials which have the potential for applications at elevated temperatures. Papers specifically dealing with oxidation resistance, creep resistance, carburization resistance as well as alloy development for such properties are solicited.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 37
Chair: Shankar Venkataraman
Vice Chair: Vinay Deodeshmukh

Corrosion Issues in the Pulp, Paper, and Biomass Conversion Industries

This symposium will include technical papers on corrosion issues relating to the pulp and paper industry or biomass conversion. Topics can include new materials for these applications, new failure trends, issues with wood products, case studies, or issues specific to equipment for the industry such as recovery boilers, digesters, and paper machines.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 38
Chair: Matthew Tunnicliffe
Vice Chair: Catherine Noble

Recent Experiences with Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium and other Corrosion Resistant Alloys

This symposium will include technical papers on the practical use and experience with corrosion resistant alloys including nickel base, titanium, zirconium and other corrosion resistant alloys.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 39
Chair: Ralph Baessler
Vice Chair: Ajit Mishra

Corrosion Issues in Military Equipment and Facilities

This symposium will include technical papers on corrosion of military equipment, systems, electronics, and infrastructure.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 40
Chair: Rob Evans
Vice Chair: Rob Mason

Power Industry Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on corrosion causes, issues, studies, experiences, and/or management practices, including coatings on steel structures and their related components in the power industry. Exposures include below grade, transition zone, and atmospheric corrosion of weathering, galvanized, and other coated steel structures.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 41
Chair: Jon H. Brasher
Vice Chair: Graig Cilluffo

Recent Development of Advanced Materials and Coatings for Marine Applications

This symposium will include technical papers on recent developments in advanced materials, alloys and novel coatings for use in marine environments including seawater and marine atmospheres.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 44
Chair: Moavin Islam
Vice Chair: Abdul Hameed Al-Hashem

CO2 / H2S Corrosion in Wet Hydrocarbon Containing Environments

This symposium will include technical papers on laboratory and/or field experience of CO2/H2S corrosion and mitigation in hydrocarbon containing environment.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 059X
Chair: Krista Heidersbach
Vice Chair: Ziru Zhang

Erosion and Erosion-Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on such subjects as: experimental erosion/abrasion wear studies, advanced computational fluid dynamics erosion and erosion-corrosion modeling, mechanistic/empirical model development, technologies for erosion measurements, erosion mitigation techniques, and etc.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 077X
Chair: Mazdak Parsi
Vice Chair: Hadi Arabnejad Khanouki

Inhibitors - Vapor Transported (VCI) and Surface Coated Rust Preventive (RP)

This symposium will include technical papers on novel applications, technical advances, test methods and materials which perform as vapor-transported corrosion inhibitors (VCI) and/or inhibitor coatings applied to metal surfaces to inhibit corrosion.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 093x and TEG 145x
Chair: Behzad Bavarian
Vice Chair: Cliff Cracauer

Real Time Corrosion Monitoring for Process Applications: Technology, Experiences, Case Studies

This symposium will include technical papers on new real time corrosion monitoring technologies for process applications including crude oil refining, petrochem and chemical plants as well as other process plants.  Technologies of interest include but are not limited to electrochemical techniques, high-res electrial resistance methods as well as newer data and software based analytical approaches.  The symposium has a targeted interest in facilitating plant operators to share their real time corrosion monitoring implementation experiences and case studies.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 100X
Chair: Kwei-Meng Yap
Vice Chair: Sean Brossia

Recent Experiences With Austenitic and Duplex Stainless Steels

This symposium will include technical papers on recent experiences with stainless steels.  The focus is on end user experiences from the process industries such as chemical processing, pulp & paper, oil & gas, desalination, pharmaceutical, and power generation.  Topics include successes, failures, material selection, fabrication and new developments.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 114X and TEG 116X
Chair: Nicole Kinsman
Vice Chair: Lena Wegrelius

Corrosion in Supercritical Systems

This symposium will include technical papers on the measurement or assessment of degradation in any supercritical system, including especially supercritical water and supercritical carbon dioxide.  Papers can be of a research or industrial nature.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 121X
Chair: Yong Hua
Vice Chair: Yong Xiang

Corrosion Control for Above Ground Storage Tanks

This symposium will include technical papers on the inspection, monitoring, coating, cathodic protection, VCI and other innovative methods of corrosion management for above ground storage tanks.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 132X
Chair: Christopher Houghton
Vice Chair: Calvin Pynn

Geothermal Scaling and Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on geothermal corrosion and scaling in wells and surface equipment.  Materials selection, inhibitors and other strategies to combat corrosion and scaling in conventional and enhanced geothermal wells.  Synergies with Oil and gas applications.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 182X
Chair: Bill MacDonald
Vice Chair: Keith Lichti

Control of Corrosion in Oil and Gas with Inhibitors

This symposium will include technical papers on the study the application of corrosion inhibitors and/or scale/deposit inhibitors and their mechanisms of inhibition.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 184X
Chair: Zhengwei Liu
Vice Chair: Yang Yang

Environmentally Assisted Cracking

This symposium will include technical papers on understanding of all kinds of EAC mechanisms including but not limited to hydrogen embrittlement, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, liquid metal embrittlement, and so on. The papers can cover root cause failure analysis in service, laboratory testing methods, materials modeling, industry standards development, state of art EAC research reviews, and so on.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 186X
Chair: Arshad Bajvani Gavanluei
Vice Chair: Fei Tang

Microbially Influenced Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on microbial corrosion research, case studies, control monitoring, and treatment.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 187X
Chair: Amilcar Oberto
Vice Chair: Nora Elbergen

Decontamination of Industrial Equipment: From Proposal to Disposal

This symposium will include technical papers on the cleaning of industrial equipment, from process and refinery equipment, Pulp and Paper, Polymers, etc. We are looking for insight in determining how the job runs, from the initial determination of the process side that the piece of equipment needs to be cleaned, to the job proposals from various cleaning companies, to the actual cleaning of the equipment, and finally how the disposal of the waste is handled. Start to finish, we want to know how the job gets done.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 188X
Chair: Roxanne Shank
Vice Chair: Chris Wiggins

Understanding and Controlling Atmospheric Corrosion in Infrastructure, Transportation and Utilities

This symposium will include technical papers on methodologies to improve the service life of materials and structures in infrastructure, transportation and utilities industries.  As an example, how do we achieve a 100 year service life from steel bridge superstructures.  As a second example, how do we achieve a 20 year service life for aerospace structures.  The development of improved mitigation strategies requires 1) an understanding of atmospheric corrosion phenomenon and mechanisms by which mitigation technologies work and 2) the ability to measure atmospheric corrosion.  Therefore, technical papers related to the understanding and control of atmospheric corrosion of steel (including standard, low alloy and stainless), aluminum (including structural and cosmetic) and other relevant alloys are invited.  The effectiveness of coatings, surface preparation, cleaning and coating repair processes as a function of environmental parameters are encouraged.  Papers defining methodologies to quantitatively measure atmospheric corrosion and define service life are also encouraged.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 189x
Chair: Richard Granata
Vice Chair: Kristen Williams

Corrosion Solutions for Chemical Process Industry with Polymer Based Materials

This symposium will include technical papers on polymer based materials like fiber reinforced equipment, dual laminate equipment, rubber lined equipment and thermoplastics are being used more in applications to control corrosion in the chemical process industry,  This symposium will have papers that show how these materials can be used successfully in these applications.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 191x
Chair: Michael Stevens
Vice Chair: Marilee Coleman

Pipeline Crossings: Steel Cased, Thrust-Bored, and HDD

This symposium will include technical papers on road, railroad, river, wetland, etc., crossings by directional drilling, thrust boring, casing, and HDD type methods.  Case study presentations, technology developments and findings. Modified techniques, coatings, CP, testing for crossing related topics can be included.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 208X
Chair: Cay Strother
Vice Chair: Michael Snow

Corrosion in Nuclear Systems

This symposium will include technical papers on materials related issues encountered in the generation of nuclear power energy in light, heavy and advanced nuclear power reactors and plants. This can include degradation mechanisms of structural materials and materials reliability issues encountered in nuclear power applications, including degradation mechanism and degradation management. Papers can also include areas such as advance materials design and manufacturing for current and future advanced reactor components. Much methods can include additive manufacturing.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 224X and TEG 465X
Chair: Jared Smith
Vice Chair: Ziqing Zhai

Progress in Laboratory Testing of Corrosion Inhibitors for Oil Field Applications

This symposium will include technical papers on the following issues: Novel techniques and methodologies for evaluation of corrosion inhibitors in the lab, Lessons learned - practical aspects and challenges encountered when using established evaluation methods and techniques, Factors affecting quality of laboratory data, Challenges associated with quantitative evaluation of localized corrosion, Development of formulations for high temperature corrosion, Challenges and gaps in lab-field transference.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 253X
Chair: Tracey Jackson
Vice Chair: Alla Crabtree

Pipeline Integrity

This symposium will include technical papers on all aspects of pipeline integrity that can include pipeline integrity management, inspection, in-line inspection, assessment, mitigation, rehabilitation, operational aspects, regulatory issues, present and upcoming technologies, methods, experiences, case studies etc.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 267X
Chair: Tony Poulassichidis
Vice Chair: Pamela Moreno

Sour Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on advances in sour corrosion in oil and gas production. Focus is on sour corrosion mechanisms, mitigation strategies, case histories and best practices on corrosion management.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 282X
Chair: Sajid Tanwir
Vice Chair: Mohsen Achour

Materials and Integrity in Oil Sands

This symposium will include technical papers on oil sands from owner-operators, vendors, consultants, and researchers. area of interest include (but not limited to) corrosion, failures, wear, process, material selection, asset integrity, and can be related to steam-assisted gravity drainage, down-hole, or surface equipment/facilities.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 341X
Chair: Tesfaalem (Tesfa) Haile
Vice Chair: Duane Serate

Recent Findings on Localized Corrosion and Electrochemical Techniques

This symposium will include technical papers on recent findings on mechanisms of localized corrosion as well as electrochemical methods used to study and elucidate localized corrosion mechanisms.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 407X
Chair: Martin A. Rodriguez
Vice Chair: Helmuth Sarmiento Klapper

Top of Line Corrosion

This symposium will include technical papers on mechanism, modeling, field experience, monitoring, mitigation (design and inhibition) for top of the line corrosion.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 515X
Chair: Thu Tran Addis
Vice Chair: Thunyaluk Pojtanabuntoeng

Corrosion of Copper and Copper Alloys

This symposium will include technical papers on seawater corrosion of copper and copper alloys to include: shipboard piping and heat exchangers, Other shipboard uses and experiences, desalination units/plants on and near the coastline, offshore platforms systems, ships propellers, seacoast and offshore applications of copper alloys in architectural applications and any and all other experiences presented.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 523X
Chair: Jim Michel
Vice Chair: Ruben Muro

Oil and Gas Coating Technology

This symposium will include technical papers on polymeric coating and TSA papers in the following themes: 1. Residual stresses in coatings, 2. failure modes of pipeline coatings, 3. edge delamination of 3LPO pipeline coatings, 4. Blister mechanism, 5. Long life (>25 years) offshore wind-mill coatings, 6. Acid tank linings, 7. CUI coatings, 8. High temperature (>200 C) coatings, 9. Salt removal coatings, 10, Offshore platform deck coatings.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TG 260, TG470
Chair: Benjamin T. A. Chang
Vice Chair: Shaoguang Feng

AC Interference, AC Induced Corrosion, AC Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Mitigation

This symposium will include papers on AC interference on buried pipeline, AC induced corrosion, AC risk assessment, monitoring, and mitigation.

Sponsoring Committee: STG 05
Chair: Meng Lopez-Garrity
Vice Chair: Casey Heinrich

The Digital Asset Transformation – Driving Value for Corrosion and Asset Integrity Management

This symposium will include the benefits of recent developments and industry trends in digital technologies for corrosion and integrity management. Many industry sectors are seeking to increase efficiency and reduced costs through the application of digitalization and technologies such as 3D visualization and the Internet of Things (IoT). The transforming potential in ‘big data’ capture, information management and analytics, and the possibilities for implementing AI (artificial intelligence), all of which can reduce risk and facilitate better decision making, are fully applicable to the management of corrosion and asset integrity regardless of industry type. The symposium will endeavour to obtain papers from different industries covering a broad range of topics on these new developments from both technology providers and end users/asset operators.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 08
Chair: Christopher Houghton
Vice Chair: Cecilie Haarseth

Offshore Cathodic Protection - Case Studies, New and Novel Designs or Inspection Techniques

This symposium includes papers on offshore cathodic protection case studies, new or novel cathodic protection designs or inspection techniques, for any offshore applications; oil and gas fixed or floating structures, wind, tidal energy etc. including any related applications combining the effect of coatings, marine growth or TSA.

Sponsoring Committee(s): STG 30
Chair: Alex Delwiche
Vice Chair: Kehinde Ogun

Combustion and Conversion of Fossil and Alternative Fuels

This symposium includes papers on high temperature materials performance in power generation environments including steam, fossil fuel combustion, super critical carbon dioxide, and alternative working fluids.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 183X
Chair: Brett Tossey
Vice Chair: Vinay Deodeshmukh

Advances in Coatings Under Insulation Technologies

This symposium will include papers that cover coating technology and insulation technology for industrial facilities.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 351X
Chair: Michael Yee
Vice Chair: Michael Surkein

Advanced Coatings and Corrosion Characterization at the Nanoscale

This symposium will include papers related to understanding corrosion effects on atomic scale, as well as,  for solutions that help monitoring and mitigate corrosion. Symposium will bring together researchers and engineers from Academia and Industry to build a bridge that facilitates technology transfer between fundamental research and industry applications. The aim of symposium is to close the gap in basic understanding of coatings materials and provide basis for new technologies - new materials and experimentation. Symposium will focus on use of nanomaterials/particles/fillers/ polymers, ceramic and metal coatings at or below the nanometer scale to influence/elucidate/detect  corrosion and the factors that influence it.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 474X
Chair: Igor Kosacki
Vice Chair: Joao Tedim

Application and Inspection of Intumescent Fireproofing

This symposium will include papers that cover issues and solutions related to the application and inspection of intumescent fireproofing.

Sponsoring Committee(s): TEG 560X
Chair: Phil Mueller
Vice Chair: TBD