Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A Taste of Middle East Culture and Our Battle Against Corrosion in the Desert

The Middle East is facing a lot of challenges, from the extreme conditions in the desert up to the misconceptions toward the area. What is it like to be in countries that some people think are ”not safe” to live in? This forum aims to break the negative misconception and give everyone a taste of culture in the Middle East. In the first part of the forum, representatives from one of the embassies in GCC and U.S. Commercial Services in the region will clarify all the issues associated with the Middle East, including conflict and safety. Let’s verify the cultural stereotype toward the Middle East. After the forum, we will be able to answer the question: “Is the Middle East a place to go?” The second part of the forum will provide a general overview and a series of case study presentations on corrosion challenges we have in the area. Corrosion issues from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait and the technologies used to fight corrosion will be presented. These presentations will also include the companies from different industries working in the Middle East, giving more knowledge for companies that have not explored the area yet. In addition, the NACE West Asia & Africa Area office will present the statistics of NACE members (both individual and corporate), the technical groups formed, the courses and conferences held in the region, and the upcoming conferences that can serve as the window of opportunity for a lot of companies.

Presented by: Gasem Fallatah, NACE; Fatima Saeed Al Mazrouei, ADCO; and Abdullah Al Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco


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