Monday, March 27, 2017


Corrosion in the Water/Wastewater Infrastructure

This forum will discuss the challenges, successes, and obstacles that face city municipalities and water utilities in their efforts to continue providing safe, clean water post the Flint, Michigan crisis. The speakers will talk about the following subjects:

  • Comparison and contrast of corrosion control in the water and wastewater industries with the rest of the corrosion control world
  • Corrosion control case studies from the city of San Diego, California
  • Review of the contributions of corrosion to chromium in drinking water
  • Corrosion and its control, polyethylene encasement (v-bio™), for cast and ductile iron pipelines
  • Case studies of the use and abuse of polyurethane coatings in water and wastewater enviroments
  • The use of an engineered software tool for surveying asset conditions
  • Interior and exterior corrosion, prevention and mitigation, project specifications and plans for rehabilitation, and reducing negative impact on the environment during tank recoating projects.

Presented by: Robert Boswell, Boswell Consulting and Testing Services, Ltd.; Graham Bell, HDR; Brenden Sheehan and Steven Fox, City of San Diego; Gwen Wood Chabane; Allen Cox; Ian McFatridge; and Doug Kanis

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