Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Corrosive Chronicles (Green Theater) / Booth 2011

Corrosive Chronicles

Corrosion of Mild Steel in Recirculated Cooling and Single-Pass Natural Waters

1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.

The chemical plant heat exchangers are often manufactured of mild steel and operate under the recirculated cooling and/or single-pass natural waters. Both types of waters could affect the corrosion of mild steel in different ways: while the recirculated cooling water could be aggressive because of accumulation of chemical impurities, microbiologically-influenced corrosion would be one of primary reasons for natural water. Under some circumstances, both types of water could be mixed together making corrosion issues more complex. The condition and treatment of different types of water become of high importance to prevent an accelerated corrosion of mild steel and premature failure of heat exchanger.

The discussion would be focused on assessment of corrosion rate of mild steel in recirculated cooling and natural waters by monitoring and controlling such factors as water quality, water velocity, pH, chloride concentrations, addition of corrosion inhibitors and strong oxidizers, etc. The effect of surface preparation, pre-treatment and condition during operation on corrosion characteristics of mild steel as well as challenges and options of dealing with water treatment when surface temperature is very high will be also discussed. In addition, economical and environmental limitations and challenges for once-through systems would be considered.

Presented by: Vladimir Plashnitsa, Lester M. Dobosz, and Ty V. Tran, ERCO Worldwide

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