Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Corrosive Chronicles (Purple Theater) / D-3

Corrosive Chronicles

Corrosion Problems in the Water/Steam System in the Pulp and Paper Industry

1:30 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The panel consists of water/steam corrosion experts capable of addressing current corrosion problems in the industry. It includes members from STG 11 and STG 38. It will begin with introductions and a statement of panel objectives. This will be followed by prepared questions and then Q&A from the participants and attendees.

Topics include:

  • Under-deposit corrosion (UDC)
  • FAC (Flow Assisted Corrosion) - causes and potential solutions
  • Process of paper making corrosion/failures and corrective action
  • FAC and copper impact on passivation and UDC
  • Hydrogen damage caused by caustic attack.

Panel discussion experts from research and applications include:

  • Catherine Noble, P.E., M&M Engineering, Chairman STG 38 and Moderator;
  • J.A. Kelly, Ph.D., United Water Consultants;
  • Paul Puckorius, Puckorius & Associates;
  • Darrell Hartwick, H.B.Sc, Buckman;
  • Ted Beardwood, Solenis LLC;
  • Mel Esmacher, Principal Engineer, G.E., STG 11-TEG Chairman;
  • Sandra Hernandez, Chairman, Materials Performance Team;
  • Randy Nixon, Corrosion Probe, Inc.; and
  • Michael Lykins, Packaging Corp.

The panel discussion will be opened to floor participation in order to enhance the knowledge base with additional information.

Presented by: Catherine Noble, M&M Engineering Associates, Inc.

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