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In the Product Showcase, you can view new product innovations and can obtain product details, manufacturer’s name, and booth location all in one area. This year the Product Showcase is located at the entrance of the show floor. The cost for reserving your Product Showcase is only $500.00.

NACE is offering one fee which includes one electrical drop in your showcase. Please note, your showcase will not include the electrical drop, unless you indicate it on the form below.

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AIMAPS - Booth #1304


Clunky, expensive data loggers can take a hike! The innovative Wayfarer from AIMaps features a built-in Bluetooth voltmeter with integrated GPS and RFID reader atop lightweight, collapsible cane. Take pipe-to-soil potentials and rectifier reads using Wayfarer, and the data can instantly be synced with the AIMaps Pipeline Asset Management Platform. Data collection -- simplified and streamlined --with Wayfarer and AIMaps.

American Innovations - Booth #1402

MicroMax GPS360 Current Interrupter

Power through 60+ hours of interrruption with the GPS360. Rugged and lightweight, it features an integrated battery, relay and more.

C4E North America, LLC - Booth #1724

Revamped PECVD and PVD technologies providing hard coatings at deposition speeds of multiple microns pre minute.

C4E's hard and protective coatings for internal and external surfaces of complex and tubular goods are portecting againsst wear, erosion, corrosion, an dminimizing friction.

Carboline Co. - Booth #803

Carbozinc 608 HB

Carboline is pleased to announce the release of Carbozinc 608 HB. Carbozinc 608 HB is the first 5-10 mil zinc primer on the market. More primer means more protection. It is highly surfacetolerant and quick to cure. Carbozinc 608 HB is a zinc-rich primer with excellent film build properties yielding a high zinc loading per square foot. When coupled with a micaceous iron oxide, MIO, flake-reinforced epoxy phenalkamine binder, the resultant film is an extremely durable and effective corrosion resistant coating. Due to these unique combinations of properties it can (in one coat) replace a zinc + (epoxy) intermediate coating of a standard 3-coat (zinc/epoxy/urethane) system. Carbozinc 608 HB will save application time and labor cost without sacrificing performance. It eliminates the need for an epoxy intermediate coat by providing a two-coat system that provides excellent protection. 

DeFelsko Corporation - Booth #931

Introducing the NEW PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester

The PosiTector® SST Soluble Salt Tester and Bresle Method patches were designed to measure the concentration of soluble salts on metal surfaces. The PosiTector SST is the first conductivity probe designed specifically for the Bresle Method and is compatible with any Bresle Method patch, including the innovative new PosiPatch™ and the economical DeFelsko Adhesive Patch.

The innovative, reusable PosiPatch uses a magnetic ring for attaching to steel surfaces and leaves no adhesive residue to clean. Sharp needles are replaced by safe, flexible dispensing tips and air is automatically removed through a watertight, air permeable membrane.

Features of the PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester include an intuitive step-by-step interface that guides users through the Bresle Method, an onscreen timer to report test duration and automatic computation of surface density of salt (mg/m2 or µg/cm2) with adjustable test volume. The American-made PosiTector SST is also ideal for the determination of water-soluble contaminants in non-metallic blast media.

PosiTector DPM Dew Point Meters for Environmental Monitoring

DeFelsko is pleased to announce new probe options for the PosiTector Dew Point Meter series. In addition to the existing integral probe and magnetic surface temperature probes, wind speed and threaded probe options are now available.

The new PosiTector DPM A probe includes the built-in air temperature, surface temperature, and humidity sensors from the integral probe, in addition to a wind speed sensor. Using a precision hot-wire anemometer technology, airspeed is measured accurately in a variety of measurement units, with no moving parts.

The new PosiTector DPM D Cabled Probe with 1/2” NPT Threads is designed for insertion into tanks or pipelines, and can measure ambient temperature, humidity, and dew point at pressures up to 200 psi (1.3 MPa).

ELEMKO S.A. - Booth #948

AC Mitigation Solutions

AC Mitigation is effective by combining a DC decoupling devise and an enhanced grounding system. ELEMKO can offer it as a complete system.

Grillo-Werke AG - Booth #1845

Grillo Zinc and Zinc-Aluminum Wire

Your best solution for the Thermal Spraying Process for long-term corrosion protection supplied by the world's largest producer of zinc wire. Various grades and diameters available in fiber or steel drums, in coils or on spools.

Integrity Products - Booth #221


Specially formulated, high temperature silicone gasket which forms a watertight seal at insulation terminations and can also be used to compartmentalize the insulation system.

M.C. Miller Company - Booth #615


100 AMP Current Interrupter

Mobiltex Technologies Inc. - Booth #1047

CorTalk® uGI1S Remotely Controlled GPS Current Interrupter

The uGI1S is the world’s smallest GPS Current Interrupter and is ideally suited for corrosion field survey activities. An integral two-way satellite transceiver allows remote monitoring and control of the device. A 72 channel GPS engine with integral antenna provide precise +/-0.5mS timing accuracy. The 3.1” diameter, 1.75” high, waterproof uGI1 has a large LCD and 10 user selectable interruption profiles which can be customized using USB or Bluetooth® Smart.  An event logger records interruption activities for post survey audits. A universal relay driver supports external mercury, mechanical and solid-state relays. A compact, external smart solid state relay is available with a 50 Amp AC/DC capacity and integral real-time load current measurement and remote fault reporting.

Modern Water Inc. - Booth #1820

Quickcheck SRB

Modern Waters’ QuickChek SRB provides results for Sulfate Reducing Bacteria in 20 minutes. This accurate, interference free test is based on immunoassay, detecting APS reductase found in all strains of SRB. Each test is self-contained and disposable for convenient point of use analysis.

Polyflow - Booth #244

Polyflow LLC - Thermoflex Plus, Thermoflex ECO, PE Flex Plus

Polyflow designs, manufactures and installs flexible composite pipelines for transporting hydrocarbons, refined fuels and chemicals, as well as rehabilitating steel pipelines.

SAE Inc. - Booth #1225


ConduFlow™is a dust free, conductive carbonaceous pourable backfill material that is installed as a liquid and cures as a solid. ConduFlow™ eliminates health and safety concerns associated with current powdered backfill materials and provides corrosion and theft protection. It can be poured on exposed rock surfaces to protect conductors where trenching is not possible. With an expected in-service time that is up to 20X the industry standard, electrode corrosion is vertually eliminated.

Seal for Life Industries BVBA (Berry Plastics/Stopaq) - Booth #821

Seal for Life Coatings

Featuring industry leading brands of ANODEFLEX, COVALENCE, POLYKEN, POWERCRETE and STOPAQ. SFL offers the most diversified and strongest product line up in the market.

Valentus Specialty Chemicals - Booth #1525

VSC 1200 Urethane Topcoat  & VSC 1100 Epoxy Primer

High performance coating system based on Eastman Tetrashield resin. Outstanding adhesion, corrosion reistance and super long term weathering and application characteristics.

Rules and Regulations


Prepare the product within the given dimensions and requirements. Entries must fill a space no larger than 36” wide x 24” high x 16” deep. The maximum total weight per entry must not exceed 8 lbs. An actual product is preferred; however, a product photograph or informational board with easel may be substituted or displayed in conjunction with a product.


Your product will also be listed on the NACE CORROSION 2017 website. Please submit a 2” x 1” high resolution (300 dpi) photo of your product, product name and a short description (not to exceed 150 characters).


Each participating exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the display materials arrive in time for set-up.


Bring the product and a copy of the registration form to the set-up location. Set up will take place on Sunday, March 26, 2017 from 1:00pm to 5:00 p.m. and Monday, March 27, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Exhibitors will place their product in your pre-assigned shelf location at that time.

Tear Down

Products may NOT be removed from the Product Showcase before the close of the show at 12 Noon on Thursday, March 30, 2017. Upon show closing, send a badge-wearing member of your staff to the Product Showcase to retrieve your entry. After 2:00 pm, any unclaimed products will be thrown away.