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In the Product Showcase, you can view new product innovations and can obtain product details, manufacturer’s name, and booth location all in one area. This year the Product Showcase is located at the entrance of the show floor. The cost for reserving your Product Showcase is only $500.00.

NACE is offering one fee which includes one electrical drop in your showcase. Please note, your showcase will not include the electrical drop, unless you indicate it on the form below.

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Showcase Participants

Aegion / Corrpro - Booth #1345

Various Small CP Products: Zinc Ribbon, Test Station, Magnesium Anode


Rugged Vacuum fluorescent display, easy programming and installation, three operating modes.

American Innovations - Booth #1527

Bullhorn RM4210

Mounted on a test station, the Bullhorn RM4210 remote monitor measures induced AC voltage, AC current, and associated current density to design and optimize AC mitigation systems.

ADVANCE Products & Systems Inc - Booth #1712

Integra II SSAFS® Fire Safe Isolation Gasket Kits

APS now offers the patent pending, 6FB certified Integra II SSAFS®  Fire Safe Isolation Gasket Kits, which are exceptionally dependable for isolating and sealing purposes for severe service and fire safe applications, suitable for all applications up to ANSI 2500# and API 10,000 classes.

Axalta Coating Systems - Booth #1621

Nap-Gard High Temperature Internal Pipe Coatings

FBE, thermosetting epoxy high temperature internal pipe coatings are designed to provide excellent chemical resistance when operation in temperatures up 200C (392F). These internal pipe coatings are formulated to be highly effective in combatting typical corrosion caused by carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.

ClampOn - Booth #2639

Corrosion under Insulation Monitor (CUIM)

ClampOn's CUI monitoring solution allows operators to measure water ingress in the insulation and corrosion along the pipe using permanent microwave antenna arrays, installed strategically along the pipeline.

Cortest, Inc. - Booth #531

Cortest Magnetic Drive Stirrers

Magnetic drive stirrers designed for high pressure and high temperature applications. Available from 316 S.S. of Hastlelloy C-276 and in belt drive of inline drive configurations. Cortest drives offer higher torque, lower cost, and quicker delivery that competing products.

Cosasco - Booth #1945

ECHO Non-Intrusive Wireless Corrosion Monitoring System

Our newly developed ECHO Non-Intrusive wall thickness monitor is optimal for plants and refineries where both corrosion and erosion are the leading factors in pipe wall metal loss.

DeFelsko Corporation - Booth #1637

NEW PosiTector SST Soluble Salt Tester

DeFelsko announces new PosiTector® SST Soluble Salt Tester for measuring the concentration of soluble salts using the Bresle method.

NEW PosiTest LPD Low voltage Pinhole Detector

DeFelsko announces the new PosiTest® LPD Low voltage Pinhole Detector for detecting holidays on metal and concrete substrates.

Denso North America - Booth #1145

Denso’s Protal 7125 Repair Cartridge - 50 ml

Denso’s introduces its new convenient 50 ml size cartridge for Protal 7125, a fast cure, low temperature pipeline holiday repair coating.

Eagle Research Corporation - Booth #1954

XARTU/1-CP Remote Rectifier Monitor

Eagle Research Corporation XA™ Series provides for remote cathodic protection monitoring, plus an endless variety of applications including measurement and control of any nearby pressure points, regulation, or metering stations using AGA Measurement Reports.  Expandable models are available upon request. Eagle also offers software solutions for product interface and SCADA solutions, plus web data hosting

Elecsys Corporation - Booth #1820

Watchdog Tracker LT

The Tracker LT is ideal for monitoring bonds and test points.  Low cost, efficient communication, monitors on/off at test points, or 2 structures and bond current at bonds!

Fisher technology, Inc. - Booth #1150


Fischer's advancements in technology have produced a new probe to measure TSA coatings on both carbon and on magnetic stainless stell or aluminum with a single device.

Fluoramics, Inc. - Booth #2156


HinderRUST, by Fluoramics, is a solvent-free all-in-one rust-stopping and lubricating product that aggressively wets/spreads across any surface applied. Perfect for cables.

Giatec Scientific Inc. - Booth #2618

Giatec iCORTM

Giatec iCOR™ is a novel compact and comprehensive NDT tool for detailed corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures without the need to have an electrical connection to the rebar. Giatec iCOR™ is equipped with high precision sensors to measure the (1) corrosion rate of rebar, (2) the in- situ electrical resistivity of concrete, (3) corrosion potential of rebar as well as (4) ambient temperature and relative humidity. iCOR™ utilizes wireless technology to transmit data to a tablet which is analyzed and visualized in a software application to easily share results with other team members on a project. the iCOR™ saves time and money in the condition assessment of concrete structures.

Grillo - Booth #2007

Grillo Zinc and Zinc – Aluminum Wire

Your best solution for the Thermal Spraying Process for long-term corrosion protection supplied by the world’s largest producer of zinc wire. Various grades and diameters available.

Hydra Tech Engineered Products - Booth #2650

HydraWrap - Structural Composite Repair System

HydraWrap Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) System provides a nonmetallic chemical and corrosion resistant structural repair to degraded pipes. HydraWrap Composite System is a combination of high performance epoxies and custom-made carbon fiber fabric.

International Paint - Booth #1837

Enviroline 2405

Tough, high solids ultra-low VOC lining for rail car interiors is FDA compliant for a wide range of liquid and dry cargoes.

KTA-Tator, Inc. - Booth #1613

KTA Certified 4-in-1 Wet Tickness Gage

KTA is proud to offer the industry's first 'Certified' wet film thickness gage that registers mils and microns in a sigle gage! 1-60 mils/25-1524 microns

Lux Assure - Booth #1146


Corrosion inhibitor does optimization – newly launched kit format.


Simple, accurate hydrate inhibitor testing kit, accurately determine methanol and Monoethylene Glycol in crude and water.

MetriCorr - Booth #551

MetriCorr Remote Monitoring Units

The MetriCorr Remote Monitoring Units (RMU’s) are installed along with our ER probes making up an automated test station. The RMU sends measured data to the MetriCorr Web Service hereby saving excursions to remote test stations for data collection. The Web Service systematically displays data in a clear tabulated format as well as by build-in graphic views and statistical comparative treatments of events allowing for a reliable diagnose of any corrosion detected. RMUs provide continuous (e.g. every 30 or 60 minutes) measurements of the fastest possible corrosion rate as well as electrical pipeline parameters. These electrical parameters are pipeline AC and DC potential (“On” and “polarized IR-Free”), AC and DC current density, and spread resistance of each probe. Analysing these data lead to an evaluation on CP efficiency, DC interference as well as AC interference corrosion risk.

Olympus America - Booth #1626

Olympus MapROVER

Olympus MapROVER: Easy operation and touch-screen control make Olympus' MapROVER a cost-effective C-Scan imaging solution for wall thickness and mid-wall anomalies.

Olympus Dual Linear Array ™

Olympus Dual Linear Array™(DLA) Probe Built-In irrigation and replaceable delay line that can be contoured to adapt to pipe curvature make Olympus' DLA corrosion probe ideal for automated inspections.

Oxifree Global LLC - Booth #654

Oxifree Metal Protection™
Oxifree TM198

TM198© is a thermoplastic coating providing 100% protection against corrosion and contamination.  It is easy to apply, reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of your equipment.

Permasense - Booth #1716

WT210 corrosion monitoring system / ET210 corrosion monitoring system

Our non-intrusive systems use unique sensor technology and wireless data delivery to continuously monitor for metal loss from corrosion or erosion, and reliably deliver high integrity data from the most difficult environments.

Polyset Company - Booth #2731


A 100% Waterborne High Ratio Zinc Silicate Single Coat System

PureHM - Booth #2545

PureHM helps give operators confidence that they are delivering energy safely, by offering quality solutions and inspection data to make decisions.

REO- USA, Inc - Booth #547


One person at one location can monitor and remotely adjust REO-USA REOTRON SMP-CP series DC power supplies to provide cathodic protection with the assistance of communication equipment.

RPS Composites Inc. - Booth #2326

MAXAR Dual Laminate Pipe

RPS Composites designs and manufactures composite corrosion resistant pipe systems and process equipment – Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Dual Laminate.

SAE Inc. - Booth #2437


ConduFlow is a low resistance, electrically conductive, dust free carbonaceous pourable material. It  reduces electrolytic corrosion protecting copper and steel from corrosion. ConduFlow comes in 5 gallon pails.

Seal for Life Industries - Booth #1327


"STOPAQ eliminates adhesion and fixation problems to any substrate. Due to its fluid-like nature and visco-elastic properties, STOPAQ systems prevent corrosion for life.  Thermal friction stress or disbondment related to CP are no longer issues. Surface preparation according to ST-2 or SSPC-3 is sufficient. Severe wet and hot aging tests combined with CP current tests underwrite the guarantee period and a service life level expectancy of greater than 60 years.   1-508-918-1714

Sensus a Xylem Brand - Booth #1908

SentryPoint CPTP100

SentryPoint CPTP100 The SentryPoint Cathodic Protection Test Point (CPTP100) measures and collects protective voltage data at cathodic protection test stations, then transmits it back to the utility for display, analysis, and interpretation. With support for up to four channels of data, the CPTP100 supports virtually any application found in the field.

Shawcor - Booth #1713

Canusa CPS HBE-FLX & Scar-Guard

Canusa has combined a high performance, flexible, two part epoxy corrosion layer (HBE-FLEX) with a moisture cured, fiberglass ARO resulting in one of the toughest field joint coatings for HDD applications.



The SPECTRO xSORT family of handheld ED-XRF spectrometers perform elemental analysis for PMI and Corrosion Inspection. Lightweight, non-destructive and affordable.

Stuart Steel Protection - Booth #1811


FLC 7 Atmosperic Coating is the latest technology in high performance, environmentally advanced, multi-use, waterborne acrylic polymer. *65% Solid, *200% Elastomeric, *UV Inhibitors, *Rust Inhibitors, *Resist Acids and salts, *72-hour total cure time, *Will not crack or peel, and *Covers large area with less material.

Swain Meter Company - Booth #952

Swain Meter

DC Amp Clamp Meter

Technoform Kunststoffprofile GmbH - Booth #519

Metal-free heat exchanger solutions

Metal-free heat exchanger solutions by Technoform enhance heat exchanging applications in corrosive environments.

- No Corrosion.

- Almost no fouling.

- High conductivity.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Booth # 1617

Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 handheld analyzer

Perform superior XRF analysis utilizing the Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 handheld analyzer. Powerful, fast and light, Niton XL5 delivers lab quality results every time.

Rules and Regulations


Prepare the product within the given dimensions and requirements. Entries must fill a space no larger than 36” wide x 24” high x 16” deep. The maximum total weight per entry must not exceed 8 lbs. An actual product is preferred; however, a product photograph or informational board with easel may be substituted or displayed in conjunction with a product.


Your product will also be listed on the NACE CORROSION 2017 website. Please submit a 2” x 1” high resolution (300 dpi) photo of your product, product name and a short description (not to exceed 150 characters).


Each participating exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the display materials arrive in time for set-up.


Bring the product and a copy of the registration form to the set-up location. Set up will take place on Sunday, March 26, 2017 from 1:00pm to 5:00 p.m. and Monday, March 27, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Exhibitors will place their product in your pre-assigned shelf location at that time.

Tear Down

Products may NOT be removed from the Product Showcase before the close of the show at 12 Noon on Thursday, March 30, 2017. Upon show closing, send a badge-wearing member of your staff to the Product Showcase to retrieve your entry. After 2:00 pm, any unclaimed products will be thrown away.