Monday, March 27

Garden District Tour with Elms Mansion

$65.00 per person

1 – 4 p.m.

Learn about the fascinating history and splendor of the Garden District of New Orleans with a narrated walking tour of this famed neighborhood and tour of a private home. Travel down the renowned St. Charles Avenue, leading the way to the Garden District. During the 19th century, this area was known as the “American Sector”, where English, rather than French, was the primary language. A professional guide will escort you through the residential street and recall stories of how the wealthy American Planters, snubbed by Creole society, spared no expense to build palatial mansion and gardens.

Visit the Elms Mansion, one of the most renowned homes on St. Charles Avenue. Beautifully appointed, the interior captures a flavor reminiscent of a bygone era, featuring original wall coverings, hard-carved mantels, a grand ballroom lined with jeweled windows and impeccable period furnishings.

Based on 20 person minimum Includes: Deluxe roundtrip transportation, narrated walking tour of the Garden District, admission and tour of the Elms Mansion, and all applicable taxes, gratuities, and insurance.

The “Big Easy” Tour

$55.00 per person

9 a.m. – noon

From the sultry history of the French Quarter to the majesty of St. Charles Avenue’s stately mansions, this is a thorough and fascinating introduction to the to the endless variety of sights found in the “Big Easy.” Come on a fascinating roundabout of the city’s unique neighborhoods.

Travel through the historic French Quarter past famous landmarks such as the Saint Louis Cathedral and Jackson Square with its old world flavor and its own colorful art colony. Journey down Esplanade Avenue and visit one of the unique little “Cities of the Dead.” See one of the nation’s largest parks as you venture out to the lakefront. Next, sit back and relax as you wind down St. Charles Avenue following the country’s oldest streetcar line, see Tulane and Loyola Universities as well as beautifully restored mansions. All of the stories and facts will leave you with a real sense of New Orleans’ true spirit, its proud history and rich culture.

Based on 20 person minimum Includes: Deluxe roundtrip transportation, narrated sightseeing city tour, and all applicable taxes, gratuities, and insurance.

Tuesday, March 28

Sacred & Mysterious Churches & Cemeteries

$73.00 per person

12:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Religion is an integral part of the culture and history of New Orleans. On this, you will delve into the religious culture and spirit of Louisiana by visiting its most famous churches and cemeteries. It is here that you will admire great architecture, exquisite wood, stained glass and stone, and learn about the “Cities of the Dead.”

Explore the city’s most unique cemetery, St. Louis No. 1. Unlike other cities, all tombs are above-ground here and were frequently designed by famous architects. You’ll visit the tombs of both the famous and infamous like Paul Morphy, the world chess champion, and Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe is the oldest church still standing in the city. The building was built in 1826 and was originally used as burial grounds for the fallen victims of yellow fever. Now, this is the official chapel of the New Orleans Police and Fire Departments.

Next, take a brief tour of the Garden District and visit the old Lafayette Cemetery. Established in 1833, Lafayette Cemetery No.1 is a non-segregated, nondenominational cemetery. Perhaps the most famous residents are fictional. The tomb for the Mayfair witches, created by Anne Rice, in The Witching Hour, fits a combination of the Lafayette and Jefferson fireman tombs. Lafayette Cemetery has been featured in many films including Double Jeopardy and Dracula.

Based on a 20 person minimum Includes: Deluxe roundtrip transportation, admission to St. Louis I Cemetery, Our Lady of Guadalupe, Lafayette I Cemetery, and all taxes, gratuities, and insurance.

That Deep South Cuisine

$78.00 per person

9:30 a.m. – noon

How can we sum up New Orleans cuisine in one dish? Creole Gumbo? Andouille Jambalaya? Soft-Shelled Crabs? Barbecued Shrimp? Black-Eyed Peas? Crawfish? Beignets? Pralines? What’s the difference between Cajun cooking and Creole cooking? And what is a roux?

The only way to learn to recreate the magic that is New Orleans cuisine in your own kitchen is to watch a professional chef perform. Our expert chef will whet your appetite for Creole Cooking – the world famous cuisine that combines the finest elements of French and Spanish cooking with rich indigenous seafood, spices, and produce. Different New Orleans specialties will be demonstrated and you’ll get to sample some of these delicacies after the lesson. This is one class you don’t want to skip!

Based on 20 person minimum Includes: Cooking demonstration & lunch and all applicable taxes, gratuities, and insurance.

Wednesday, March 29

Louisiana Flatboat Swamp Tour

$113.00 per person

9:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Forget about the hustle and bustle of the French Quarter and experience another kind of “wildlife”. Enter the land of swamps and marshes, home to hundreds of species of unique and interesting animals and discover the land that gave birth to Cajun culture and cuisine.

Boarding a specially designed pontoon boat, this excursion starts on a bayou… local parlance for small rivulet or stream. Gnarled and twisted cypress stumps and branches lushly draped with Spanish moss line the banks of this waterway. On this meandering cruise, the captain, a native of the region, provides an interesting and entertaining narrative of the history of this massive swampland. Catch a glimpse of any number of animals that inhabit the area: bald eagles, alligators, blue herons, snappin’ turtles and water snakes– the list goes on. You will even get a peek at an authentic Cajun “trapper’s shack” nestled in this beautiful swampland. For a truly fun and fantastic visit outside of the city, visit Louisiana’s other wildlife!

Based on 20-person minimum. Includes: Deluxe roundtrip transportation, narrated swamp tour, box lunch, and all applicable swamp tour, box lunch, and all applicable taxes, gratuities and insurance.