2019’s Student Poster Awards: The Winners Are…

March 28, 2019

By Sammy Miles, Managing Editor in Chief,CORROSION journal

All week, students from around the world have been showcasing recent research projects at NACE’s 2019 Student Poster Session, sponsored by BP. Students prepared posters that summarize their research and presented them to a panel of judges and conference attendees. With over 100 posters, judges had to work hard to select the top 9 posters from 3 award categories: the Marcel Pourbaix Prize for Corrosion Science, the Mars Fontana Prize for Corrosion Engineering, the Harvey Herro Prize for Applied Corrosion Technology. Additionally, the Best Undergraduate Poster Prize was awarded.

Help us congratulate this year’s winning students!

Marcel Pourbaix Prize for Corrosion Science:

1. Sami Khan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2. Rebecca Skelton, University of Virginia

3. Jeffery Henderson, University of Western Ontario


Mars Fontana Prize for Corrosion Engineering:

1. Hamed Mansoori, Ohio University

2. Lizeth Sanchez, The University of Akron

3. Sara Filice, McMaster University


Harvey Herro Prize for Applied Corrosion Technology:

1. YoelEmun, McMaster University

2. YuanDing, Ohio University

3. ThuNguyen, Cal Poly Pomona


Best Undergraduate Poster Prize:

HoLun Chan, Cal Poly Pomona

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