Awards Dinner Honors 2017 Recipients

NACE International’s annual Awards Dinner, held Wednesday, March 29 during CORROSION 2017, honored members nominated by their peers who have committed their time and expertise for the benefit of the association and its mission of protecting people, assets, and the environment from corrosion.

With more than 300 people in attendance, Awards Committee Chair David Enos congratulated and presented trophies to recipients in the categories of R.A. Brannon, A.B. Campbell, CORROSION Best Paper, T.J. Hull, F.N. Speller, H.H. Uhlig, W.R. Whitney, Distinguished Organization, Distinguished Service, Technical Achievement, NACE Fellow, and NACE Foundation Founders Award.

A brochure detailing the accomplishments of the 2017 awards recipients can be found in the February 2017 issue of Materials Performance. The NACE web site features current and past recipients at, as well as criteria and forms to nominate members for next year’s honorees. The nomination deadline for the 2018 Association Awards is June 30, 2017.


NACE International 2017 Award Recipients

R.A. Brannon Award: John H. Fitzgerald, FNACE

A.B. Campbell Award: Zachary Cano

CORROSION Best Paper Award:  Oladis Troconis de Rincon, Andres Antonio Torres-Acosta, Petro Castro-Borges

T.J. Hull Award: John “Jack” Tinnea

F.N. Speller Award: Narasi Sridhar, FNACE

H.H. Uhlig Award: Brian J. Connolly

W.R. Whitney Award: Paul M. Natishan, FNACE

Distinguished Organization Award: Exova; Corrosion Protection Center, University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB); and Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Distinguished Service Award: Debra Boisvert, John Broomfield, FNACE, Chuck Fite, Nancy Graves, David Kolman, Lorrie Krebs, Roberto Malfanti, Michael MeLampy, Nihai Obeyesekere, and Scott Rice

Technical Achievement Award: Andy Gysbers, Sandra Hernandez, Xiaogang Li, Bruce Pint, FNACE, and Patrick Teevans

NACE Fellow Honors: Jenny Been, Gareth Hinds, Brian Kinsella, Vivekanand Kain, Minxu Lu, Daniel Powell, Kenneth Tator, Pierre Roberge, and Lietai Yang

NACE Foundation Founders Award: Neil G. Thompson, FNACE