Experience Middle East and Africa During CORROSION 2018

by Reygie de Borja

The NACE International West Asia & Africa Area (WA&AA) will once again participate in NACE’s CORROSION 2018 conference in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. A forum entitled “The War Against Corrosion in the Middle East and Africa” will be held on April 16, 2018 at the Phoenix Convention Center in Room 232.

This year’s forum will present the corrosion issues and mitigation techniques specific to the region, which encounters extreme conditions throughout the year. In addition, the forum will explore the potential for corrosion control businesses in the area. Based on the overwhelming response to last year’s event, NACE WA&AA expects to bring in a wide audience to explore the Middle East and Africa, and the business opportunities this region can offer.

One of the key speakers in the forum will be Adama Gaye, a Senegalese author and Africa expert known internationally for his authority on Africa’s geopolitics, its natural resources, and its strategic importance in world affairs. Gaye runs a private public relations and business consultancy, Newforce Africa, which advises governments, companies, and international media operating in Africa. He is also a leading author in Africa and one of the top commentators and analysts on African affairs for the main media organizations of the world, including the BBC, CNN, NPR, and France24, while acting as a commercial representative for media outlets like the Financial Times.

During the forum, corrosion experts from the Middle East and Africa will present extreme cases of corrosion in the region and the extreme conditions that makes corrosion control more challenging. Various research and case studies will be presented that illustrate the reasons why the area is still winning its war against corrosion. Due to the tremendous support for last year’s event in 2017, NACE WA&AA will be showcasing a larger program this year that will cover Africa and the business opportunities it can offer.