Experts Share Experiences at Interactive Leadership Forum

March 28, 2019

Gretchen Jacobson, MP Managing Editor-in-Chief    

On Monday morning, NACE International hosted the interactive forum, Bridging the Gap with Effective Leadership, where attendees learned from a variety of experts in the fields of knowledge retention, knowledge transfer,and leadership best practices.

Moderated by Chairs Laura Cardenas of Lloyds Register and John Todd with KTA Tator, the forum opened with the topic, “Letting your Experts Retire, But Not Their Expertise.” Cindy Hubert, executive director of Client Solutions, APQC, first outlined her organization’s knowledge management timeline before describing best practices in such a system. This involved seven steps in a process flow of knowledge transfer among employees: create,identify, collect, review, share, access, and use knowledge. She also covered a number of tools and technologies to support the various processes.

Dynisha Klugh, director of Learning Technologies and Curriculum Development, Nalco Champion, followed with a description of the company’s six-year-old programs, CORE and CORE Wiki. The CORE system involves a number of internal networks featuring discussion boards where employees can post questions and receive answers from coworkers knowledgeable in those areas.The discussions are archived and searchable, and governed by business teams and executive sponsors. CORE Wiki has an article development team that compiles and maintains a library of resource materials. “These systems capture the knowledge of our subject matter experts to accelerate the real-world learning experience of new hires and others requiring training,” Klugh said. They also serve to retain knowledge. Benefits include streamlined, more efficient processes, and higher revenues for the company and cost savings for clients.

The second session, “Cultivating Seeds for SUCCESSion,” was led by Terry May, president of MESA. He covered the topics of organizational sustainability, employee development, and knowledge transfer, drawing on his experience from his earliest jobs through leading his own corrosion product and service company for the last 40 years.

May shared and expanded on his three secrets for success.Citing the first, “Be lucky,” May said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This involves learning and training so individuals are prepared when new opportunities become available. “Never stop learning,” he said. “Make it a lifetime pursuit.”

His second recommendation, “Be passionate and positive,” is linked to the importance of a good attitude, both for the employee and the company at large. Finally, he advised, “Be generous,” which involves sharing credit easily and giving people a sense of importance, purpose, and encouragement. This quality will build loyalty and engagement through teaching,mentoring, and influencing.

The third session, “Lifecycles of Leadership,” was a panel discussion featuring speakers Justin Daarud, director of Americas Operations,Lloyd’s Register’s Asset Integrity and Maintenance Optimization; Bernardo Duran, manager of Technology and Market Development, International Zinc Association;  and Khairol Anuar Shukri,director of Group Technical Solutions, Petronas, Kuala Lumpur. They fielded questions from the audience by sharing their personal experiences and perspectives on their careers in the corrosion field, including leadership,mentoring, coaching, and best practices.

A leadership luncheon followed, where participants continued to learn more on how to become an effective leader. The speaker was Cathy Leslie, executive director of Engineers Without Borders, who has overseen growth of the organization from a single university chapter to 288 student and professional chapters. Nearly 17,000 volunteers work in more than 40 countries to implement engineering projects to provide clean water, sanitation, access to health facilities, renewable energy, and more. NACE International currently supports three water-related projects for the organization.

The event concluded with an afternoon workshop led by Huberton habits knowledge management leaders need to develop and use to ensure an organization’s growth and health.

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Experts to Share Experiences at Leadership Forum

For the second year, NACE International will host an interactive Leadership Forum during CORROSION 2019. Scheduled for Monday, March 25 from 8 to 11:30 a.m., followed by a luncheon, Bridging the Gap with Effective Leadership will provide the opportunity for attendees to learn from those who set the direction of their businesses and use their management skills to effectively guide teams to reach organizational goals. Participants will gain valuable insights and leadership skills that will enhance their personal and professional lives.

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