Forget Trust Falls: Real Ways to Achieve Strategic Collaboration Within Your Team

The title of NACE’s Thursday morning workshop, “Encouraging Diversity & Collaboration in Leadership,” might have grabbed your attention. At a conference targeted at growing technical expertise, this kind of session sticks out as unusual. And it should. If the word “collaboration” has you conjuring up images of trust falls and sitting in a circle with candles, keep reading. I promise you, we’re not going there.


The focus of this year’s session is what you can do to unleash the collaborative intelligence of any group, team, or division. In our flat, fast, interconnected world, organizations are struggling to bust silos, accelerate past bottlenecks, and get people to engage like owners. What’s clear is that we can’t just do what we’ve been doing, faster. Gender balancing and diversity initiatives haven’t created the hoped-for shifts, and there is growing evidence that there are new ways of working that give organizations a whole new superpower. Collaborative intelligence is about producing results, not just playing nicely together in the sandbox (although that’s important, too)!


In Harvard Business Review’s “Getting Your Stars to Collaborate,” Heidi Gardner suggests that smart collaboration isn’t just nice to have; it’s a necessary strategic response to external change that increases client satisfaction, engages workers, attracts young talent, and raises an organization’s profitability. Scholars at MIT, Google, and Harvard are eagerly studying what’s different in teams that consistently solve problems more creatively, pool know-how and resources across boundaries, attract top-caliber talent, keep stars engaged – and reap higher profits.


None of our clients are arguing that they need to make a shift toward a more collaborative culture that engages all of their talent – male, female, wily veterans, millennials, the entire spectrum of their workforce. Their struggle is how to actually do it. That’s the work we do at Deeper Funner Change. Our March 30th session will dive into the nitty gritty on-the-ground things you can do to help shift the culture within your sphere of influence and unleash the collaborative intelligence of your team. We’ll tap into Elaine Bowman’s global experience and wisdom to learn how she imagines smart collaboration will help shape the future of NACE.


Workshop: Encouraging Diversity and Collaboration in Leadership

Thursday, March 30 | 7:30 AM to Noon | Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, R-07

$50 Registration fee includes breakfast

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