Forum explores corrosion issues in Latin America

By Gretchen Jacobson

NACE attendees from several countries in Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, gathered on Tuesday afternoon to learn about the challenges and solutions for corrosion control projects in varying environments that include mountains, rivers, and forests. Moderated by Jorge Canto (Corrosion Y Proteccion), the forum featured sessions that included information about NACE section activities and partnerships in Latin America, and specific corrosion experiences in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

Prior to the technical portion of the forum, guest Past President Sandy Williamson was invited to address the audience. He expressed appreciation for his travel opportunities to Latin America and the growth in corrosion control activities. He emphasized the importance of materials sustainability and how organizations need to make the right technical and economic decisions to achieve corrosion management goals. “During my travels I have talked about how the NACE IMPACT Study and IMPACT PLUS are engaging decision makers around the world to use best corrosion management practices,” he said.

NACE Past President Elaine Bowman, manager of IMPACT, presented results from a case study conducted at the company IEnova in Mexico. The study utilized the 70-question survey used in the global IMPACT Study. The results were then compared to the rest of the world. Measured across nine business domains, IEnova revealed strong performance. “IEnova scored higher across all nine domain areas with a small exception on communication improvements,” said Bowman. She also commended the company for releasing its case study results for others to review and learn from.

The well-attended forum included a networking session, with participants sharing professional and cultural perspectives involved with their work in corrosion.