Forum Explores Market Conditions and Corrosion Issues in Latin America

March 27, 2019

By Gretchen Jacobson, MP Managing Editor-in-Chief  

NACE attendees from several countries in Latin America, as well as the United States and other countries,gathered on Tuesday afternoon to learn about the challenges and solutions for corrosion control projects in varying environments that include mountains, rivers, and forests. Moderated by Jose Sierra, the forum featured sessions with information about NACE International section activities in Latin America, and energy markets and corrosion control methods and needs in Ecuador, Mexico, and Brazil.

Fabian Sanchez opened the first session by updating the audience on Latin American Area activities, and the importance of growing NACE membership in those countries. “We must improve the number of members in Latin America to increase the knowledge and use of industrial, engineering, and corrosion control best practices,” he said. “These are needed to ensure efficient, safe, and environmentally clean operations. We also need to bring new leaders into NACE to help achieve these goals.”

Sanchez then presented information specifically on Ecuador’s oil and gas and energy industries, including economic data, market trends, existing and emerging regulations, and corrosion control methods such as integrity management and protection technologies. Hernan Rivera followed with a presentation focused on the same issues pertaining to Mexico, and Leonardo Uller brought the audience up to date on markets and corrosion issues and solutions in Brazil.

Uller concluded the presentations by reiterating that efforts are underway to obtain new NACE members. “We have a lot of work to do,”he said. “We need new volunteers and leaders to support the Latin American Area and NACE.”

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