Forum Features Routine Inspection Training for Aboveground Storage Tanks

March 28, 2019

By Gretchen Jacobson, MP Managing Editor-in-Chief    

The importance of routine inspection and documentation of aboveground storage tanks (ASTs)—whether required daily, weekly, monthly, or annually—was the focus of a training session on Wednesday afternoon during CORROSION 2019. Presented by Pat Keo of TTI Environmental, Inc., the training incorporated all aspects of inspecting ASTs.

Keo explained that the presentation was developed in accordance with state regulations, inspection standards, recommended practices,fire codes, and best management practices. He showed numerous photos of coatings and corrosion failures on various components of ASTs that arose from inadequate inspection, maintenance, and design. These ranged from AST exteriors to insulation systems, welds, valves, foundations and supports, level gauges and alarms, venting devices, and more. He showed examples of inadequate practices such as insufficient support of attached aboveground pipelines, and stressed the importance of safety factors such as keeping the areas around tanks clear of vegetation and combustible items.

Finally, the training emphasized proper documentation of all inspections, which is essential to complying with rules and regulations,keeping an inventory of components, documenting completed tasks, and acting as a checklist to ensure inspections are thorough and complete. These records are designed to identify required maintenance and replacement needs, thereby prolonging the lifetime of ASTs while reducing costs and avoiding failures.

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