Mobilizing for Maritime: The Role of NACE

March 27, 2019

By Ben DuBose, Staff Writer, Publications

Just as a rising tide lifts all ships, newfound support and awareness of the corrosion risk within the maritime industry should lead to greater demand for corrosion expertise.

That’s the outlook from NACE International’s Chief Maritime Officer Buddy Reams, who called on attendees at CORROSION 2019 to become more engaged with the maritime sector in a Tuesday presentation at the Exhibit Hall’s Blue Theater.

Titled “Mobilizing NACE Expertise for the Maritime Sector: A Call to Action,” Reams used the 30-minute session as an interactive opportunity to answer questions and simultaneously encourage all of those in attendance to get more involved.

“38,000 all working toward the same direction are probably a lot more impactful than just Buddy,” said Reams, referring to NACE’s approximate overall worldwide membership. “I need to mobilize the collective expertise that we have within NACE.”

As a former U.S. Coast Guard marine safety professional,Reams explained that his goal is to transition the industry into more proactive means of corrosion prevention.

“We were concerned about the result of failures and getting those addressed, rather than improving prevention,” Reams said of his time in the industry. “We want them to consider how they’re making decisions, going all the way back to when building the ship.”

“The shipping industry doesn't have as robust an understanding of corrosion engineering as, say, the oil and gas sector or the pipeline sector,” Reams added. “My job now is to bring them to the table so that we can have a dialogue with them.”

Reams pointed to biofouling management as one niche within the maritime industry where more expertise is needed. He also cited two NACE Task Groups (TG) – TG 576 for “Drydocking Hull Surface Maintenance and Repair”and TG 575 for “Corrosion Prevention and Control of Marine Scrubbers” as opportunities for further advancement.

“Corrosion is as prevalent in and potentially debilitating to the maritime sector as any other,” says Reams, who noted that Tuesday’s session had about three times the attendees that he originally expected. “NACE International is committed to serving this sector including ships, ports, or any other asset that touches a body of water.”

For more information on maritime, visit NACE’s new Maritime News publication for information specific to the industry.

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