Music Revolution: The Middle East and Africa Forum

March 28, 2019

By Reygie de Borja, International Conference Program Specialist

On its 3rd year at CORROSION, NACE West Asia & Africa Area presented the Middle East and Africa Forum with the theme of “Music Revolution: The Harmony of Corrosion Control and Mega Projects in the Middle East and Africa.”

The Middle East and Africa have become a hub for infrastructure development and mega projects that lead to potential investments. The forum presented real case studies, the specific solutions developed, and their practical applications.

Corrosion experts from the Middle East and Africa showcased the developments in corrosion research and their innovative ways of controlling it. In addition, industry leaders presented the mega projects in the region that may open opportunities for investment.

The speakers in the forum were Riyahd S. Al-Shiban from Saudi Aramco who presented “Nonmetallic Materials in Building and Construction,” Aadil Amin from Abdulla Fouad Company who discussed “Mega Projects in the Middle East,” and Khalil Abed from Cortec Middle East who talked about “Asset Preservation in Mega Projects.”

During the break, attendees of the forum were entertained with video presentations about the music and culture in the Middle East and Africa to show the fun and entertainment in the region, while they were enjoying the Arabic food being served. With the potential for future investment, it is better to know the rhythm of the area on both technical and social aspects. Nashville has heard the music of corrosion control and mega projects in the region.

The forum was sponsored by Saudi Aramco as the Title Sponsor, Abdulla Fouad Company as the Gold Sponsor, and Cortec Middle East as the Bronze Sponsor.

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