NACE Members honored at Awards Dinner

By Kathy Larsen

Each year NACE International recognizes individuals who have made significant and lasting contributions to the corrosion industry through the association’s Award Program. It is with honor, respect, and gratitude that NACE recognizes the achievements and contributions of its members. On Wednesday evening, April 18, 2018, the following individual members and organizations were honored for outstanding service at the Annual Awards Dinner.

2018 R.A. Brannon Award Aida Lopez-Garrity

2018 A.B. Campbell Award Liu Cao

2018 CORROSION Best Paper Award Michael Henthorne

2018 T.J. Hull Award John Scully, FNACE

2018 F.N. Speller Award Robert (Bob) Tapping

2018 H.H. Uhlig Award Homero Castaneda-Lopez

2018 W.R. Whitney Award Srdjan Nešić, FNACE

2018 NACE Presidential Achievement Award Ashutosh Karnatak

2018 Distinguished Organization Awards Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) The Libyan Corrosion Society

2018 Distinguished Service Awards Abdullah Alghmdi, Mario Cellant, Gerald Holton, Michelle Lau, Conchita Mendez, Paul Noyce, Alberto Valdes

2018 Technical Achievement Awards Thierry Cassagne, FNACE, Sylvia Hall, Perry Nice, Paul Puckorius VS Raja, FNACE

2018 NACE Fellows Mohsen Achour, Sean Brossia, Jim Chmilar, David Enos, Rani George, Sytze Huizinga, Michelle Koul, Mike Tran, Ockert Van Der Schijff, Brian Wyatt

2018 NACE Foundation Founders Awards Debbie Goodwin,  Andy Nydam

These awards positively impact the industry, and they are very important to the NACE community. They help inspire all of us to stay at the cutting edge of corrosion science and technology, and to remain involved with this fine organization. For information on the achievements of this year’s awards recipients, see the special insert in the February 2018 issue of Materials Performance.