Rusty Von Rust to Appear at CORROSION 2017, Sources Reveal

The dastardly corrosion supervillain, Dr. Rusty Von Rust, has infiltrated the #CORROSION2017 conference in New Orleans.

Von Rust is known in corrosion circles as a maniacal destroyer of infrastructure whose mission is to “corrode the world,” according to his blog. “You build it, I’ll rust it,” he states in his online manifesto.

Von Rust has been sighted in New Orleans, and experts predict he will attempt to gather intel on the latest developments in corrosion prevention from industry experts.

Recent developments in the U.S. government, such as the Water Resources Development Act and a proposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan to “have threatened Von Rust’s efforts to systematically decay the infrastructure of the United States. His attempts to infiltrate the world’s largest corrosion conference display a sense of desperation, as NACE’s government relations team, along with the Corrosion Prevention Caucus, find success in their efforts to stop the harmful effects of corrosion.

NACE International officials are asking CORROSION 2017 attendees to report sightings of Rusty Von Rust via the hashtag #IFoundRusty, which will be monitored and used to track his movements. Von Rust is described as being of medium build and height, with dark hair and a goatee or beard. He is often seen wearing his trademark lab coat and safety goggles.

If you see Rusty Von rust lurking around CORROSION, take a photo and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #IFoundRusty for a chance to win a $100 gift card.