Students learn hands-on corrosion experiments at CORROSION Mini-Camp

By Gretchen Jacobson


Each spring, the NACE Foundation invites high school students to participate in a day-long mini-camp held during NACE International’s annual CORROSION conference. This year, 53 students from three area schools participated in the program from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18.


The students engaged in hands-on corrosion experiments from the NACE Foundation’s popular cKitTM (Corrosion Toolkit), which contains materials such as an electrode set, digital voltmeter, batteries, and alligator clips. The kits have been used by teachers to educate their students about corrosion since the cKit’s development in 2005.


The students also explored academic, research, and career opportunities from university students and industry professionals during a tour of the exhibit hall. They visited the Student Poster Session, Cathodic Protection Test Field, Virtual Spray Booth, and tour the exhibits. Some of the topics they will be exposed to include:

·         Chemical reactions

·         Oxidation

·         Activity series of metals

·         Kinetics and thermodynamics

·         Electrochemistry

·         Energy transfer

·         Cathodic protection

·         Products and services used in the corrosion industry


The Foundation has successfully conducted this program for the last several years, educating the next generation about the causes of corrosion and how it can be mitigated.