Welcome to CORROSION 2018 from NACE CEO Bob Chalker

By Bob Chalker

Welcome! Bienvenue! Benvenido! أهلا بك! Selamat datang! 歡迎! On behalf of NACE leadership and staff, welcome to CORROSION 2018. We are excited to have attendees arriving from over 60 countries, and we are very proud of the program we have designed for you here in Phoenix. With so many exceptional new and returning programs and countless opportunities for networking, we are confident you will leave here more informed, better connected, and slightly exhausted!

This year marks NACE International’s 75th Anniversary and in celebration of this milestone, this week we are commemorating our association’s achievements and creating pathways toward the industry’s future. Seventy-five years is an amazing feat, and NACE members should be proud about the impact we’ve had in changing the way society looks at and addresses corrosion.  NACE is successful because its members have worked hard to make a difference. One of the keys to the future is advancing NACE’s position as a thought leader on asset management and there is no better person to help us chart our course than NACE’s Keynote Speaker, Commander Mike Abrashoff.

Don’t miss Abrashoff’s keynote on Tuesday, April 17, and later that morning he will join a Leadership Forum with three of the industry’s leading authorities. They will share their insights into career enhancing leadership skills. This will be an interactive session and a great opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback.

Make the most out of your week and take advantage of numerous opportunities to attend forums and symposiums, learn about global developments and advances in corrosion mitigation, and meet your colleagues and fellow members. And don’t miss the 419 exhibitors who offer products and services valuable to every industry sector.

Thank you for joining us here in Phoenix. We hope this week exceeds your expectations.