Young CORROSION Guests Dance the Night Away

By Ben DuBose

Students and professionals under the age of 30 and attending CORROSION 2018 were able to unwind and network during a special night out on the town earlier this week.

The annual “30 Below” event is aimed to connect the brightest new minds in the world of corrosion with an evening of music, drinks, food, and dancing. In all, NACE organizers estimated a total attendance count of ~200 for the four-hour event, which took place from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. on Monday.

This year’s 30 Below was held at Valley Bar, located just a few blocks away from the Phoenix Convention Center — where CORROSION 2018 is taking place all week. Shuttle buses were used to transport attendees to and from the conference site or select hotels.

With a back-alley entrance marked only by a small glowing red sign, Valley Bar is located at the base of a downtown building constructed in 1949. The “30 Below” celebration took place in the bar’s underground lounge, with thrift store paintings on the walls and cocktails named after Arizona politicians. The interior decor also consists of a color palette full of soft yellows, cool greys, and bright whites, which serves to remind patrons that this is sunlit Arizona.

The bar aims to celebrate what Phoenix life was and is by bringing a unique Arizona feel to the facility, and the young CORROSION 2018 delegates in attendance found it an ideal setting to network — and party! — deep into the desert night.