The Product Showcase introduces new products to consumers

In the Product Showcase, you can view new product innovations and can obtain product details, manufacturer’s name, and booth location all in one area. This year, the Product Showcase is located at the entrance of the show floor. The cost for reserving your Product Showcase is $500.00 USD.

NACE is offering one fee which includes one electrical drop in your showcase. Please note, your showcase will not include the electrical drop, unless it is indicated on the registration form.

E-mail your Product Showcase form to: Roberta Arnold, Exhibits Specialist

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Aquatec Group Limited - Booth #542

CP Monitor

Retrofit CP Monitoring for offshore submerged steel structures, with through-water acoustic communications to transmit dual potentials or monitored anode currents. Combine with CP Guardian for closed loop ICCP control.

Borchers CHLOR*RID - Booth #1005

Hold Blast VISION

Surface passivator that contains an indicator for proper application that can be used for inspection.

Carboline Company - Booth #1513

Plasite 4550 HT

Plasite 4550 HT is a robust, reinforced, plural component applied epoxy novolac designed for efficient, trouble-free application. It is a highly chemical resistant reinforced tank lining that can be applied under most conditions.

Cathodic Protection Co. Ltd. - Booth #1443

Pererence Elememts, Remote Monitoring Device & Monitor with software demo & Anniversary Video

CCI Piping System - Booth #2728

Armor Cote ™ U-Bolts, Pipe Suppors & Casing Spacers

CCI is the original coater of u-bolts, developing the product in 1984. Since then, CCI has started manufacturing other quality products such as casings spacers and pipe supports.

DeFelsko Corporation - Booth #1227

PosiTector DPM Dew Point Meter

The new PosiTector DPM L Dew Point Meter Logger magnetically attaches to steel structures to measure climatic conditions at user-selected time intervals for up to 200 days. Stored datasets can be viewed using a PosiTector Advanced body or Apple/Android smart device. Ideal for surface preparation as required by ISO 8502-4.

PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Thickness Gage

Ideal for measuring the effects of corrosion or erosion — the PosiTector UTG Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Gages measure the remaining wall thickness of materials such as steel, plastic and more. Select from 6 probe styles: choose from the cabled, integral or Xtreme versions of the corrosion probe, low-frequency, multiple-echo, and precision

Denso North America - Booth #1623

Denso Covercoat System

he Denso Covercoat System is designed for the long term corrosion prevention of steel structures and exposed service pipes in severe corrosive environments.

Denso 16A™

A firm, fibrous mastic for the sealing of service entries and ducts.

Elecsys Corporation - Booth #741

Tracker CR AC Interference Monitor

The Tracker CR continuously measures standard test station values (on/off/native voltage potentials, in conjuntion with the key AC interference measurements: AS voltage, AC and DC density, AC drain, and corrosion rate. The Tracker CR is the perfect, reliable, and cost effective solution for data acqusition for NACE SP21424 compliance.

Farwest Corrosion Control Company - Booth #1135

DCPro Switch-mode Cathodic Protection Power Supply

DCPro is an advanced line of solid-state, switch-mode CP power supplies that offers clean, efficient DC power. The “constant current” design allows simple output control in 0.1 amp increments. Features include induced AC rejection, RMU and interrupt interfaces, AC/DC surge protection, ETI certified, and a 3-year warranty.

Farwest Electobraze System

The Farwest Electrobraze Cathodic Protection Pin Braze System is designed to simplify cathodic (CP) cable connections to a variety of steel structures. The Electrobraze gun and accessories are ideal for CP connections such as negative cables, test station wires, sacrificial anodes and other similar cable connections.

Flexitallic USA, LLC - Booth #806

ISOFLEX Isolation Gaskets

ISOFLEX isolating gaskets are Flexitallic’s latest innovation in flange corrosion prevention and cathodic protection. ISOFLEX isolating gaskets combine our industry trusted sealing designs with electrical isolation to keep your flanged connections tightly sealed and prevent galvanic corrosion.

Fluoramics, Inc. - Booth #1652

HinderRust R2.0, HinderRust S4.0, HinderRust HV100

HinderRust, available in three formulations, provides superb lubrications, robust surface film management, temporary or long-lasting protection against corrosion. Its unique welting & lubricating capabilities allow HinderRust to soak deep into joints, crevasses, and wire rope. HinderRust is solvent-free, non-flammable, low voc. ideal for use everywhere, including enclosed areas. Weld-through approved.

Goebel Fasteners Inc. - Booth #2103

DUPLEX 318LN Screws & Sealing CUP Rivets

GOEBEL’s newly developed screws and sealing rivets with HNBR washer are made from Duplex 318LN and Stainless Steel 316L. The technical difference of the HNBR / duplex sealing washer proves itself in the higher temperature resistance of about -30C to +160C. The resistance to weathering and aggressive compounds versus neoprene/EPDM is higher as well.

Iris Inspection Services, Inc. - Booth #1939

IRIS 9000Plus with IRIS-Vision 5.0

The new IRIS 9000Plus represents the 7th generation of IRIS and a step forward in performance with production speeds up to 5 times faster than current IRIS systems. Continuing our history of building rugged and reliable field instruments, the 9000Plus has endured countless hours of field testing in many environments.

Japan System Planning Co., Ltd. - Booth #2416


Pipetector is the only one technology device that protects inside of water pipe from red rust by converting to black rust, which restores pipe strength and prolongs the life of the pipe. It is suitable for central heating / cooling system and domestic hot and cold water pipes.

Magnetic Products and Services, Inc / MPS Gaussbusters - Booth #2200

Auto Degauss (ADG)

Due to pipeline magnetism, welding can become slow and difficult, which often leads to failed x-ray inspections, over delays. The Auto Degauss provides welders with a quick, easy solution to ARC Blow. The ADG unit is portable, easy to use, yet extremely effective (especially on large diameter pipes), which saves time and ultimately money to the client.

MetriCorr Aps - Booth #2351

MetriCorr Corrosion and CP efficiency monitoring system

Simultaneously measures corrosion rate and electrical fringerprints (AC&DC ON and OFF potential, IR free, AC & DC current densities, spread resistance) on your structure and view your data via the state of the art webservice, from anywhere in the world.

Rigaku Analytical Devices - Booth #609

KT Series Handheld LIBS Metal Alloy Analyzer

Within seconds, the Rigaku KT Series of handheld LIBS metal analyzers easily perform identification and analysis of the most difficult alloy grades. In addition to the analytical performance of LIBS technology, the KT Series reduces the need for regulatory licensing and registration that previous generation analyzers were susceptible to.

Sensor Networks, Inc. - Booth #947

microPIMS©  GS

microPIMS® GS is now available to worldwide customers. These non-intrusive corrosion/erosion monitoring sensors are based on standard ultrasound techniques, LoRaWAN wireless data transmissions, data management via lo T technology, and a completely scalable monitoring solution for high risk assets. microPIMS can provide critical asset health data utilizing across the organization.

Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube Co., Ltd. - Booth #1104

Metallurgical Clad Oil Well Pipe
Metallurgical Clad Gathering Pipe
Matallurgical Clad Tube for Heat Exchanger Application

Tianyang provides a brand-new method for corrosion protection in Petroleum and Petrochemical industry. Inner pipe, as the functional layer of bimetallic metallurgical clad pipe & tube. It makes much better resistance for corrosion. Base pipe, as the pressure-bearing layer of bimetallic metallurgical clad pipe & tube, it guarantees the safety under pressure.

Zerust Oil & Gas - Booth #2247

Casing Protection with Zerust Zerion PGH and Zerion FVS Corrosion Inhibitor Powder

Zerust has developed a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors and gels that is injected into the annular pipe casing space. The Zerust corrosion inhibitors protect the carrier pipeline both in direct contact, using Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors and also through Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that protect the entire annulus vapor space.

Rules and Regulations


Prepare the product within the given dimensions and requirements. Entries must fill a space no larger than 36” wide x 24” high x 16” deep. The maximum total weight per entry must not exceed 8 lbs. An actual product is preferred; however, a product photograph or informational board with easel may be substituted or displayed in conjunction with a product.


Your product will also be listed on the NACE CORROSION 2020 website. Please submit a 2” x 1” high resolution (300 dpi) photo of your product, product name and a short description (not to exceed 50 words).


Each participating exhibitor is responsible for ensuring the display materials arrive in time for set-up.


Bring the product and a copy of the registration form to the set-up location. Set up will take place on Sunday, March 15, 2020 from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Monday, March 16, 2020 from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Exhibitors will place their product in your pre-assigned shelf location at that time.

Tear Down

Products may NOT be removed from the Product Showcase before the close of the show at 12 Noon on Thursday, March 19, 2020. Upon show closing, send a badge-wearing member of your staff to the Product Showcase to retrieve your entry. After 3:00 p.m., any unclaimed products will be thrown away.