Research in Progress Symposia

Witness new research or see improvements to current technology by attending a Research in Progress session at CORROSION 2018. Research in Progress symposia provide a forum for the presentation of information and ideas derived from current or recently completed research with opportunities for discussion and sharing of ideas. Browse the topics below and check back for updates

Key Deadlines: 
Call for RIP Abstracts Opens: Monday, June 26, 2017
Call for RIP Abstracts Closes: Monday, December 11, 2017
Optional Extended Abstract Due: Monday, February 18, 2018
Draft PowerPoint Presentation Upload Due: Monday, April 2, 2018

RIP session topics

Corrosion and Biocompatibility of Biomedical Alloys and Implant Devices

Description:  This Research in Progress session is seeking abstracts that will examine all aspects of corrosion and degradation pertaining to implant alloys as well as device interaction with the surrounding biological environment.  Topics of interest include mechanisms of corrosion or degradation of materials as a result of interaction of implants with the host tissue; surface treatment of materials to inhibit corrosion or enhance biocompatibility; in vitro, in vivo and ex vivo testing methods, development of new alloys, devices and constructs; implantation procedures and lifetime predictions and material/device monitoring, etc.  Presentations will focus on the latest results and accomplishments.

Chair: Vilupanur Ravi
Vice Chair: Travis Voorhees

Coatings and Inhibitors

Description: This Research in Progress is seeking abstracts focusing on presentations related to the performance and evolution mechanisms of coatings/inhibitors through chemical or electrochemical (corrosion) aspects, and the interrelationship between composition, processing/technique, microstructural/nanostructural features, and the test environment and coating/inhibitor performance.‎ Approaches to design of improved coating materials and inhibitors and processes based on scientific and experimental data applied to harsh or aggressive environments.

Latest development of test methods considering the interplay between mechanical, chemical, and electrochemical interactions and the ability to predict performance in aggressive environments. Emphasis on valid, accelerated performance tests and relation between test technique and field performance data. High performance coatings characterization in oxidizing and corrosive environments while exposed in corrosive applications.  Current modeling aspects to predict properties, performance, durability and reliability of coatings and/or inhibitors in aggressive environments.

Chair: Homero Castaneda-Lopez
Vice Chair: Ivan Karayan

Emergent Materials

Description: This Research in Progress session is seeking abstracts that provide fundamental insight into the processing-structure-corrosion performance relationships of emergent materials are sought.  Emergent materials of interest include nanocrystalline, amorphous and high entropy alloys, nanolaminates, nanostructured coatings, additively manufactured metals and composites. Contributions highlighting materials-by-design concepts and approaches for corrosion resistance are encouraged.

Chair: Rajeev Gupta
Vice Chair: Eric Schindelholz

Modeling & Simulation

Description: This Research in Progress session is seeking abstracts focusing on presentations related to the development of state of the art modeling for different kinds of corrosion mechanisms. Contributions on the latest development of models considering the mechanistic interplay between mechanical, chemical, and electrochemical interactions and the ability to predict material performance or damage accumulation in aggressive environments are of particular interest.

The publications should make emphasis on validation, by either experimental or field-testing, as well on detailing the mathematical approaches considered for the modeling from a mechanistic perspective. Publications considering Stochastical methods for modeling complex systems are encouraged.

Chair: Raymundo Case
Vice Chair: Jing Ning

Pits, Crevices, and Cracks

Description: This Research in Progress session is seeking abstracts that deal with all aspects of localized damage of passivating metals, including (but not limited to) stainless steel, Al alloys, Ni alloys, and conventional or newly developing Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRAs). The localized corrosion phenomena of interest include pitting, crevice, intergranular, and exfoliation corrosion. Fundamental aspects of localized corrosion including initiation mechanisms, transition to stability, and damage accumulation are of particular interest. Additionally, papers related to environmentally assisted cracking phenomena, such as, stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue, and hydrogen embrittlement are also welcome. There is special interest on future anticipated needs in designing and maintaining systems to avoid EAC, and theoretical and experimental approaches to studying and predicting failure by EAC. Contributions highlighting novel and innovative approaches for studying any of these areas are welcome. Work should focus on the latest results and research currently in progress.

Chair: Brendy Rincon Troconis
Vice Chair: Jenifer Locke