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Customize Your Sponsorship Package

Onsite Branding

Company name on all room keys for attendees staying at the headquarter hotel, Sheraton Grand. Production for hotel room key (full color, front and back side) is included.

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Official CORROSION 2018 shuttle route sponsor, which will pick up and drop off to the following conference hotels: Renaissance Phoenix, Sheraton (HQ), Holiday Inn Express, Hotel San Carlos, Hyatt Regency, Westin Phoenix Downtown.

Company recognition on shuttle decal, placed on window of each shuttle bus for your selected route

Company recognition on all directional informational signage, prominently placed at all conference hotels using shuttles, and also designated at pick-up and drop-off location at convention center.

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Company Recognition on sponsor's choice of charging station:

High top charging station table, located in the Exhibit Hall

  • Tabletop design (44 inches high) where users relax while charging phones
  • ‍Charges 18 devices
  • ‍Company branding included on wrapped stand and table top
  • ‍Includes 1 meter board with sponsor recognition

Lockable charging station, located in the meeting room area:

  • ‍Safe, secure, place to get a quick recharge
  • ‍19 inch display, 6 individual lockers
  • ‍Includes windows embedded media play
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Customized, double sided meter board placed in high traffic areas of the meeting room corridor. Your opportunity to fully customize this signage with your OWN AD and drive traffic to your booth.

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Limit of 17

Company logo and booth number on custom aisle sign hung prominently in the exhibit hall.

Exclusions apply.

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Set of two; Limit of 17

A floor decal placed on both intersection of your aisle with the main aisle in the exhibit hall (Total of 2).

Your option to fully customize this carpet decal with your OWN AD! If you choose to forgo sending art, not a problem- We can create a decal to include your company logo and booth number.

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Company logo and booth number on set of two benches in the exhibit hall.

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Attendee Focus

Official sponsor of CORROSION 2018's conference proceedings, which is distributed to advance registrants and sold at registration at the NACE Store.

Company logo with hyperlink to sponsor's webpage within proceedings' landing page.

Opportunity to provide a customized promotional card insert* within proceedings' packaging. This is a full color, 5.5 inch w x 4 Inch  H card insert with opportunity to promote on both sides of insert. Production is included and art must be approved by NACE. Final art must be submitted by January 30 2018.

Personalized Web banner on proceedings' webpage. This can be a static banner or rotating dynamic banner. Artwork and links must be provided by sponsor by January 30 2018.

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Each station yields approximately (600) servings of theater style popcorn for up to 4 hours of service and includes 500 company branded (1 color) popcorn bags and disposable napkins.

Select one seasoning flavor: theater butter, white cheddar, garlic parmesan, cheesy jalapeno, or caramel.

Additional 200 servings of popcorn is $175.

Includes a station attendant.

Company recognition and booth number recognition on easel signage at popcorn station.

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Traffic Builders

Limit of 8

Recognition as a co-sponsor of the Harley Giveaway event; this is a unique opportunity to get participants to your exhibit booth for a chance to win the grand prize.

Sponsor recognition on the "Poker Run" cards distributed to participants. Poker cards will be produced with company logo and distributed from your booth. Card production is included.

Company Recognition on pre-promotion digital and print advertisements for the Harley Giveaway including October 2017 and February 2018 issue of Materials Performance.

Company recognition on Harley Submission card, inserted in CORROSION's Final Program, distributed to 6,000 attendees.

Company recognition on event signage displayed in the Exhibit Hall and in areas of the convention center.

Custom floor decal to showcase in front of your booth as an official Harley Sponsor.

Company Recognition near the actual model of the Harley Davidson, which will be on displayed in the front entrance of the exhibit hall (provided that the Phoenix Convention center approves) and then raffled off in the main entrance of the hall on the last day of the conference.

Sponsor mentions during Exhibit Hall announcements.

The right to use "Sponsor" title in your own promotional materials.

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Exclusive gaming lounge sponsor, located in the Exhibit Hall.

Participants must redeem golden ticket to play at the booth.

Sponsor mentions during Exhibit Hall announcements.

Company recognition on signage displayed onsite.

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Company recognition on Wi-Fi landing page, prompted by all Wi-Fi users at CORROSION.

Customized user name and password for Wi-Fi users.

Company Recognition on 4 inch x 6 inch Wi-Fi Cards distributed at sponsor's booth, info kiosk and NACE Bookstore.

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Rotating banner featured on CORROSION's official mobile app's top dashboard (first come, first serve basis on order of rotation.).

Banner will hyperlink to sponsor's company webpage.

Sponsor is to provide artwork sized at:

  • ‍Phone: 640px x 150px
  • ‍Tablet: 552px x 150px

Two customized push notifications from CORROSION's official mobile app on selected choice of day(s), Sunday through Thursday; first come, first serve bases. 140-character with spaces message limit.

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Premium Leaderboard (728X90) - $2,500

Static Web banner of your choice featured on the Conference News Daily, delivered each day to all conference attendees during each conference day (Sunday through Thursday).

MPU (300x250) - $1,800

Hyperlink to sponsor's company webpage. Sponsor is responsible for providing artwork for News Daily banner and hyperlink by March 20, 2018.

Banner (728X90) - $1,800

Sponsor has the option to submit multiple artwork to swap out each Daily News, if desired.

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